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6 days ago
Strangulation in Domestic Violence
The crime of strangulation hasn’t always been given its due. The prevailing attitude towards st […]
26 days ago
Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release
Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release in Arizona: Examining the Use of Bail Bonds and Pretrial Serv […]
1 month ago
Vulnerable Adult Abuse
In 1960, a person could expect to live until they were about 69. Today? “Sixty is the new 50.” […]
1 month ago
Grant Writing Made Easy
In 2015, almost $500 billion dollars of grant money was awarded to various agencies and organization […]
1 month ago
Autism Awareness for Justice Professionals
“Autism Awareness” has become an increasingly important topic as the numbers of people with this […]
2 months ago
Jihad as Terrorism
Description As the tip of the spear, officers, first responders and our military are always the […]
2 months ago
The Cyber Threat Landscape An Overview Of Hacking, Cyber Security, Internet Security, Cyber Warfare and Hacking
Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a top concern for every sector in our country. In this session, th […]
4 months ago
How Confidential Informant Testimony Could Result in Reversal
  Description The use of Confidential Informants has always been fraught with peril.  In fact […]
4 months ago
Line of Duty Deaths: Building Departmental Response for Fallen Officers
Description In 2014, there were almost 15,000 law enforcement officers injured or killed in t […]
6 months ago
Trauma Informed Work
  Trauma Informed Work is providing service with the understanding that the client/witness/vic […]

Recently Added Articles

Confidential Informant
7 days ago
Confidential Informants: Courtroom Lessons Learned – An Interview with Jon Eliason
Using confidential informants can be fraught with challenges. Between guidelines and case law, prose […]
Newtown Shooting
12 days ago
Recovering from Mass Casualty Response/ Post Action Debriefing: An Interview with Amy Morgan
Working in law enforcement, while incredibly rewarding, can at times also be equally stressful. & […]
Gun Evidence
14 days ago
Solving Gun Crime: A Team Effort Can Be the Difference
Given the highly mobile nature of today’s population and the ready availability of technology tool […]
1 month ago
Identifying and Managing Security Threat Groups in Corrections Facilities: An Interview with Ben Griego
For many people, when the word, “gangs,” is mentioned, they think of groups of criminals in soci […]
1 month ago
Expanding the Understanding of the CyberThreat Environment: An Interview with Ben Spear
The numbers are just staggering. Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a top concern for every sector […]
National Center on Elder Abuse
1 month ago
Prosecuting Vulnerable and Elder Adult Abuse: An Interview with Hilary Weinberg and Jim Seeger
With better health care, diet and exercise, most Americans are living longer: on average  78 ye […]
Pretrial Confinement Jail
1 month ago
Creating a Culture of Pre-Trial Release in Arizona: An Interview with Tom O’Connell and Kathy Waters
Incarcerating people prior to trial is fraught with challenges. It can be a costly process – b […]
Grief Victim Strangulation
1 month ago
Investigation and Prosecution of Strangulation in Domestic Violence Cases: An Interview with Tarah White and Hilary Weinberg
The crime of strangulation hasn’t always been given its due.   The prevailing attit […]
Team Grant Writing
2 months ago
Grant Writing Made Easy: An interview with Pete Gagliardi and Karen Ziegler
Grant writing can be a successful mechanism for local agencies to get much needed funding for eq […]

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Police in Car
2 months ago
Automated policing within the surveillance state: Future of policing
From QuantumRun.com: "Over the coming decades, new technologies will enable our police forces to see […]
What is a Smart City
2 months ago
Smarter, Better, Faster: Where Smart Cities Are Headed by 2020
From SecurityInfoWatch.com: The article covers a wide-ranging discussion regarding the use of sensor […]
Student Studying
2 months ago
Thank Your Universities (Because They’re Filling the Smart Cities Talent Gap)
From the SmartCitiesCouncil.com: "Because a smart city's success depends so heavily on complex syste […]
Data Image 1s and 0s
2 months ago
Is Predictive Policing Right for Your Smart City?
From the Smart Cities Council: "Predictive policing, the process of using data and analytics to ant […]
Project Lifesaver
2 months ago
The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama has obtained permission to operate its drone for search and rescue missions. (Selma Times Journal)
From The Selma Times Journal: "The Alzheimer's Outreach Group donated a drone to the Dallas County S […]
Data image 1s and 0s
2 months ago
How One City Plans to Get Smarter (and share how they did it with others)
From the Smart Cities Council: "It's the reality so many cities know all too well. Urban populations […]