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Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way
How to write performance objectives, reviews, appraisals, and other performance documentation tha […]
The Brooke Astor Story: Hard-learned lessons that address elder abuse and financial exploitation
The Brooke Astor story will be chronicled to address elder abuse and elder financial exploitation […]
1 month ago
Mass Casualty Response Resilience / Post Action Strategic Debriefing
Combining elements from industry post-action techniques, and therapy techniques, this course teac […]
1 month ago
Clarifying and Understanding Cyber Threats and Actors
  Advances in technology have reaped the human race so many benefits; From the most […]
1 month ago
Developing a Prosecution Strategy Utilizing Crime Gun Intelligence
In a report published by the Police Foundation and Major Cities Chiefs Association in January, 20 […]
1 month ago
Hiring for Emotional Intelligence
Law enforcement is a prestigious career path, but recently, the younger generation isn't as k […]
2 months ago
How Seattle’s “Democracy Vouchers” Inspired Citizen Engagement
Actively participating in the electoral and general political process is one way to safeguard our […]
2 months ago
Leadership Through the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Self-fulfilling prophecy (SFP), when used positively, can assist us in manifesting our intentions […]
2 months ago
Evidence Based Best Practices for Public Safety Agencies
Public Safety Agencies are faced with a myriad of issues daily. As part of their duty to serve an […]
2 months ago
Crisis Communications During the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting
A few weeks ago, we went through the detailed timeline of the Century 16 Theatre Shooting in Auro […]
2 months ago
What I wish I knew before I took over a Public Safety IT Department
Becoming a leader can be a tedious job – you need to be on top of everything and everyone - […]
History, Belief and Symbols of White Nationalist Movement
3 months ago
The History, Beliefs and Symbols of the White Nationalist Movement
A few months ago, the whole of the US was shaken as protesters marched in Charlottesville, carryi […]
3 months ago
State and Local CyberThreat Landscape
Individuals and organizations – be it public or private constantly strive towards security. […]
3 months ago
Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks in the U.S.
For the typical Joe or Jane, the threat of terrorism may seem like multiple isolated cases result […]


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Philip Marshall Elder Abuse
ICYMI: Words to Remember from Philip Marshall
    Philip Marshal provided some excellent insights and ideas during hi […]
superhero first responders
3 days ago
Tough break, Cupcake! Suck it up, Buttercup! Can you help tough cookies deal with crisis?
Ask a 4-year-old boy who he knows that most closely resembles a super-hero, and he will often sho […]
alarm clock sleep
9 days ago
How Does Trauma Affect Sleep?
Trauma — the blanket term for any physically or psychologically damaging experience — […]
leadership deep waters
12 days ago
Leadership EQ From the Inside Out: An Interview with Thom Dworak
While the most visible parts of leadership are what you do, leadership starts with who you are&nb […]
mental health
12 days ago
Recognizing Mental Health Disorders in Others – An Interview with Amy Morgan
People use terms like "psychopath" or "manic" or "depressed" to des […]
street crime gangs ISIS
12 days ago
ISIS and Local Street Gangs Series (Part 2): Crime and Terror Nexus
ISIS and Local Street Gangs is a series discussing traditional local street gangs and their adopt […]
employment background check
15 days ago
Employing Background Checks in Your Hiring Process: An Interview with Dr. Michael Aamodt
Background checks are a common part of the modern hiring process: but what role should background […]
15 days ago
Providing Wellness Support for Online Child Exploitation Personnel: An Interview with Duane Bowers
Viewing images of child exploitation is nothing short of disturbing. But what if it was y […]
Cyber Crime
22 days ago
Cybercrime and Defenses: An Interview with Stacey Wright
Cybercrime and threats can be confusing - particularly if you're not an IT person. The alphab […]
sad person
30 days ago
BOLO: Being on the Lookout to Preventing Police Suicide – An Interview with Marcia Williams
We continue our conversation with Marcia Williams, peer support specialist with Safe Call No […]
street gang isis
1 month ago
Is Your Local Street Gang Part of ISIS?
  Editor's Note: ISIS and Local Street Gangs is a series discussing traditional […]
get help from Safe Call Now
1 month ago
How Safe Call Now Serves and Supports First Responders
  According to Badge of Life, "More cops die of suicide than are killed by […]
aurora movie family support
1 month ago
Developing a PIO Support Program for Families During a Mass Casualty Event: An Interview with Cassidee Carlson
When a major event happens, such as a mass casualty incident, first responder agencies can be del […]
white supremacy
1 month ago
White Nationalists- What Justice Professionals Need to Know: An Interview with the SPLC’s Laurie Wood
White Nationalism. White Supremacy. Skin Heads. Neo-Nazis. ... It's easy to get confused by t […]
1 month ago
Infographic: Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program
Seattle's "Democracy Voucher" program was designed to drive citizen engagement by p […]
workplace violence
1 month ago
Does Preparation Equal Prevention: An Interview with Mark Warren
None of us want to believe an intruder will invade our workplaces and cause murder or mayhem. But […]
Intruder response
1 month ago
The Value of Time During an Intruder Response: An Interview with Mark Warren
Once a critical incident has begun, people have only moments before needing to take action. But w […]
decision making
1 month ago
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision Making: an Interview with Dr. Jeff Fox
Critical thinking is more than just a theoretical premise to be included in college courses. At i […]
Domestic Violence
1 month ago
The Domestic Violence Pre-Sentencing Investigation: An Interview with Sara Mahoney
Domestic Violence offenders are unique: their chosen victims are those closest to him or her.&nbs […]
court room
2 months ago
Developing Prosecution Strategies with Crime Gun Intelligence: an Interview with Will Morris
There is no "silver bullet" for solving gun crime. Solving gun crime requires l […]

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6 months ago
First Responders Use Gaming System Behind “Mortal Kombat” for Disaster Training
From NextGov.com: "The simulation, called the Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, or ED […]
7 months ago
Agnes Gund Sells a Lichtenstein to Start Criminal Justice Fund
From The New York Times:  "The fund will make grants to organizations and leaders […]
Mass Shootings
7 months ago
After 152 Mass Shootings In 2017, It Took An Attack On Congress To Get Our Attention
From The Huffington Post:  "Apart from the setting ― a tony neighborhood in Alex […]
Bullet through strawberry
7 months ago
What Bullets Do to Bodies
From the New York Times:  "Early in my medical training, I learned that it is not […]
Grave Stone
7 months ago
‘Some Mothers Boy’ identified as Frank Haynes after 96 years
From Sky News: "Frank Haynes was killed when he was struck in the head by a train in Georget […]
7 months ago
Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever before, and show no signs of slowing down
From Business Insider: "Last year, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and […]
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