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3 days ago
Confidential Informant Courtroom Lessons Learned
Using confidential informants has always been a challenge. While there are times when using a CI is […]
4 days ago
Making Gun Crime a Priority in Your Region – Enforcing the Laws on the Books
Download Presentation Materials Solving gun crime isn’t as simple as what the public sees on TV […]
19 days ago
Security Threat Group
For many people, when word “gangs” is mentioned, one thinks of groups of criminals in society.  […]
24 days ago
Developing Communication and Emotional Intelligence Skills
The goal of a Field Training and Evaluation Program is the development of high performing, emotional […]
25 days ago
Protecting the Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
Efforts to protect children identified as victims of domestic sex trafficking have gained momentum a […]
1 month ago
March 2017 Cyber Threat Landscape Update
Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a top concern for every sector in our country. The numbers are […]
1 month ago
Strangulation in Domestic Violence
The crime of strangulation hasn’t always been given its due. The prevailing attitude towards st […]
1 month ago
Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release
Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release in Arizona: Examining the Use of Bail Bonds and Pretrial Serv […]
2 months ago
Vulnerable Adult Abuse
In 1960, a person could expect to live until they were about 69. Today? “Sixty is the new 50.” […]
2 months ago
Grant Writing Made Easy
In 2015, almost $500 billion dollars of grant money was awarded to various agencies and organization […]

Recently Added Articles

suicide prevention
11 days ago
Providing Support to First Responders: An Interview with Karen Solomon of 1st Alliance
According to Badge of Life, a police suicide prevention program, 108 Law Enforcement Officers took t […]
Infographic 2106 Exonerations
11 days ago
Trends and Data in Exonerations: An Interview with Samuel Gross of the National Registry of Exonerations
No one wants to think about the possibility of an innocent person being wrongfully convicted. […]
Power Outages
1 month ago
Lights Out: Threats to the US Electric Grid and Implications to a Prolonged Blackout – An Interview with Tommy Waller
It’s often said that one of the surest ways to cause fear, calamity or concern is to disrupt the s […]
1 month ago
Solving Gun Crimes Infographic
Feel free to download and share this infographic!    
Ballistics Evidence
1 month ago
Making Gun Crime a Priority in Your Region: An Interview with Dr. Bill King
Solving gun crime isn’t as simple as what the public sees on TV. From CSI to Blue Bloods, solving […]
Police Use of Force
1 month ago
Use of Force and Officer Safety: An interview with Jeff Fox
No one becomes an officer wanting to use excessive force to detain or apprehend people. But in th […]
Confidential Informant
1 month ago
Confidential Informants: Courtroom Lessons Learned – An Interview with Jon Eliason
Using confidential informants can be fraught with challenges. Between guidelines and case law, prose […]
Newtown Shooting
1 month ago
Recovering from Mass Casualty Response/ Post Action Debriefing: An Interview with Amy Morgan
Working in law enforcement, while incredibly rewarding, can at times also be equally stressful. & […]

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ICE Deports Immigrants
5 days ago
The Mythical Link Between Immigrants and High Crime Rates
From Governing: Donald Trump, the outspoken and disconcertingly blunt president, made the notion tha […]
Emotional Intelligence
5 days ago
Emotional Intelligence Has a Scary Dark Side, Says Science
From Inc.: Most of us pride ourselves on being emotionally intelligent (EQ), but a new study indicat […]
Body Camera
5 days ago
Facial-Recognition Tech Will Make Life a Perpetual Police Line Up for All
From NextGov.com: Your privacy is about to be invaded a little more. But this time, it is for you […]
Independent Investigation
5 days ago
79% Want Police Misconduct Investigated by Independent Agencies
From The Cato Institute: 21% of Americans may not agree, but the majority of Americans support in […]
5 days ago
The ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Having a Real Impact on Policing
From the New York Post: The 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which resulted in the “ […]
Cyber Security
5 days ago
Executives Have More Faith in Cyber Defenses than the Cyber Staff
From NextGov.com: Government officials and company executives speak more highly of their cybersecuri […]