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9 days ago
Staying Strong in a Challenging Environment
People can get subjected to challenging environments, especially, when their line of work is wher […]
16 days ago
Stop It! Words that Probation Officers Should Practice Not Just Preach
Community supervision is an essential and critical component of probation.  It is more than […]
Case management systems
21 days ago
Case Management System: Using Technology Ensure a Person Based, Holistic Approach
Different agencies have different needs, thus the reason for them to maximize and improvise on th […]
Missing Persons Legislation
24 days ago
Missing Persons: Building Support for Legislation
Missing Persons and Unidentified Persons Cases   Missing Persons and Unident […]
28 days ago
Introduction to Doctrinal Sharia (Islamic Law)
This course provides information and instruction on doctrinal Sharia (Islamic Law); how jihadis u […]
1 month ago
The Hidden Nature of Elder Abuse
Few elder abuse cases enter the court labeled as crimes.  Instead, elder abuse, neglect, and […]
Leadership During Crisis
1 month ago
Effective Leadership During a Crisis
Leadership during crisis is complex and is most needed in any situation where failure is not an o […]
1 month ago
Free Cyber Crime Resources for the Justice Professional
IT administration and cybercrime investigations are hard work, but the right resources can make t […]
Hot Car Deaths
1 month ago
Prosecuting and Investigating Hot Car Deaths
Anytime you are dealing with the death of a young child, it is a difficult topic. Given this sens […]
1 month ago
Basic Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention
This course is designed to each anyone how to recognize signs of suicidal ideation in another per […]
2 months ago
How to Overcome Barriers to Successful Investigation and Prosecution of Elder Abuse Cases
Drawing upon his 21 years experience of prosecuting both physical and financial elder abuse and n […]
2 months ago
Competency Based Human Resourcing: Evidence Based Practices
How does your organization ensure they are hiring the right people, with the correct mix of techn […]
2 months ago
Understanding the Threat
Terrorism. It’s a word that evokes a thousand memories with just one simple word. Memories […]
2 months ago
Establishing a Crime Gun Intelligence Program Within Your Agency/Region
Agencies dream of the resources seen on TV crime shows: the latest technology, gleaming, newly-bu […]


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Sherlock Holmes - Cumberbatch
6 days ago
Understanding Your Local “Sherlocks” and the World of Cybersleuths: An Interview with Todd Matthews
The popularity of TV series like Sherlock, Elementary, and real life crime shows such as Forensic […]
10 days ago
How LEAs can Try to Take a Bite Out of CyberCrime: An Interview with PERF’s Maggie Brunner
While cybercrime has often been thought of as a "federal matter," more and more loc […]
bullets investigation crime
15 days ago
Transformational Forensics and Crime Investigation – a New Concept: Interview with Ron Nichols
When implemented well, Transformational Forensics can quite literally, help law enforcement agenc […]
Officer Service Weapon
16 days ago
Understanding the Importance of Use of Force: An Interview with PERF’s Tom Wilson
Almost every week, somewhere in the US, there is a report of a police-involved "use of force […]
16 days ago
Using Technology to Combat Gun Crime: An Interview with ShotSpotter’s John Risenhoover
Technology can not only help Law Enforcement Agencies solve gun crimes faster, but help officers […]
Seattle Pacific University Shooting Emergency Response
1 month ago
Lessons Learned from the Seattle Pacific University Shooting: an Interview with Cheryl Michaels
Emergency preparedness doesn't happen overnight - nor does it happen in a vacuum.  […]
Robotics and Automation
1 month ago
Is Automation Coming for Your Criminal Justice or Public Safety Job? Think Again.
When most of us think about automation, we think of technology advancements, assembly lines " […]
Cincinnati waterfront
1 month ago
How Cincinnati Police Department’s Consistent Efforts Are Paying Off: An Interview with Paul Neudigate
Tackling gun crime doesn't happen overnight - nor does it happen from just one effort or init […]
Measures for Justice Utah misdemeanor data
1 month ago
How Do You Compare Public Safety and Justice Process Data across Areas? Measures for Justice
While the US may be comprised of 50 states - how criminal justice is managed is really a local ma […]
Helping Hands
1 month ago
Advanced Suicide Prevention, Intervention & PostVention: an Interview with Amy Morgan
The statistics about suicide rates among our justice professionals is just astonishing: […]
1 month ago
The Benefits of NamUs for Law Enforcement: an Interview with Todd Matthews
While some agencies in the US use the  National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (Nam […]
1 month ago
Using NamUs for Critical Incident Responses: an Interview with Todd Matthews
Most of us may immediately think about the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System  […]
1 month ago
Implementing Person-Centered Case Management Projects: An Interview with George Casey
Let's face it, sometimes government agency systems can be... frustrating? daunting to navigat […]
1 month ago
Understanding the Crime Gun Investigative Cycle: An Interview with Darrell Smith
NIBIN can be a key differentiator in helping local law enforcement agencies in their battle again […]
1 month ago
An Introduction to Doctrinal Sharia (Islamic Law): an Interview with Chris Gaubatz
To really understand jihadis and their motivations behind their terrorist activities, unders […]

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1 month ago
First Responders Use Gaming System Behind “Mortal Kombat” for Disaster Training
From NextGov.com: "The simulation, called the Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, or ED […]
2 months ago
Agnes Gund Sells a Lichtenstein to Start Criminal Justice Fund
From The New York Times:  "The fund will make grants to organizations and leaders […]
Mass Shootings
2 months ago
After 152 Mass Shootings In 2017, It Took An Attack On Congress To Get Our Attention
From The Huffington Post:  "Apart from the setting ― a tony neighborhood in Alex […]
Bullet through strawberry
2 months ago
What Bullets Do to Bodies
From the New York Times:  "Early in my medical training, I learned that it is not […]
Grave Stone
2 months ago
‘Some Mothers Boy’ identified as Frank Haynes after 96 years
From Sky News: "Frank Haynes was killed when he was struck in the head by a train in Georget […]
2 months ago
Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever before, and show no signs of slowing down
From Business Insider: "Last year, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and […]
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