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court room
Developing Prosecution Strategies with Crime Gun Intelligence: an Interview with Will Morris
There is no "silver bullet" for solving gun crime. Solving gun crime requires l […]
Managing Your Probation Assets: An Interview with Tiffany Marsitto and Chris Greenway
In 2015, Coconino County Adult Probation started a special unit called Advanced Supervision Strat […]
5 days ago
Clarifying and Understanding Cyber Threats and Actors: An Interview with Stacey Wright
We hear about hacks and attacks in the media all the time but rarely do we hear about who these c […]
Brooke Astor
6 days ago
A Personal Story of Elder Abuse and Advocacy: An Interview with Philip Marshall
It's easy to believe that elder abuse can only happen to certain populations of society. But […]
6 days ago
How to Conduct SMART Performance Reviews: An Interview with Natasha Terk
The end of the year can have a lot of significance: the holidays. A time for reflection and setti […]
23 days ago
Empowering Cities to Be Responsive to Citizens’ Needs: An Interview with Grant McLarnon
Cities are facing unprecedented change, resource challenges, technological advancements, and incr […]
emotional intelligence
26 days ago
How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence: An Interview with Thom Dworak
We've all heard that Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is important in today's workplace. Em […]
26 days ago
Implementing Seattle’s Democracy Vouchers Project: An Interview with Rene LeBeau
2017 marked an innovative new program for Seattle elections: the notion of a "Democracy Vouc […]
Cameras at Press Event
1 month ago
Crisis Communications Lessons From the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting: an Interview with Cassidee Carlson
As first responders address the immediate, critical and life-or-death needs of those affected by […]
1 month ago
What I Wish I’d Known Before Managing a Public Safety IT Department: An Interview with Teresa Murray
For some organizations, part of "working your way up the ladder" and getting promoted i […]
Evidence Based Practices
1 month ago
Implementing Evidence Based Practices in Your Organization: An Interview with Dr. Jeff Fox
Staff will often complain when they hear they have to adapt what they're doing and […]
1 month ago
Understanding and Investigating Jihadi Networks in the US: an Interview with Chris Gaubatz
When most people hear about jihadists, they usually think of radicals in far-off Middle Eastern c […]
1 month ago
Understanding and Using Forensic Art: An Interview with Forensic Artist Catyana Falsetti
  On Tuesday, October 31, join Forensic Artist Catyana Falsetti and NamUs' Todd […]
2 months ago
Understanding Leadership through Self Fulfilling Prophecy: an Interview with Amy Morgan
We've all heard of, or perhaps been cautioned about, self-fulfilling prophecies. Usually, how […]
2 months ago
New to IT Management? Practical Advice for New Public Safety IT Managers from Mike Lyons
IT has never been an easy department to manage... But if you've just recently been promoted t […]
White Nationalism Rally
2 months ago
Understanding and Investigating White Nationalists: An Interview with Brent Smith
Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. League of the South. National Alliance. Volks […]
Drug Testing
2 months ago
Best Practices for Drug Testing Programs and Policies: an Interview with Mark Hendershot
Billions of dollars are spent each year by federal, state and local justice agencies in community […]
use of force
2 months ago
Organizational Culture, Training, and Use of Force Incidents: An Interview with Kevin Lutz
The Use of Force continues to be an ongoing presence in the national discussion. Whether […]
Aurora Movie Theater Shooting
2 months ago
Lessons Learned from the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting: An Interview with Lt Stephen Redfearn
Prior to the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, the Aurora Movie Theatre shooting was the large […]
2 months ago
INFOGRAPHIC: Person-Centered Case Management
2 months ago
Understanding CyberThreats to Your Organization: An Update from Stacey Wright
Is there ever a week where there isn't a report of a hacking? Some major corporation being in […]
Sherlock Holmes - Cumberbatch
3 months ago
Understanding Your Local “Sherlocks” and the World of Cybersleuths: An Interview with Todd Matthews
The popularity of TV series like Sherlock, Elementary, and real life crime shows such as Forensic […]
3 months ago
How LEAs can Try to Take a Bite Out of CyberCrime: An Interview with PERF’s Maggie Brunner
While cybercrime has often been thought of as a "federal matter," more and more loc […]
bullets investigation crime
3 months ago
Transformational Forensics and Crime Investigation – a New Concept: Interview with Ron Nichols
When implemented well, Transformational Forensics can quite literally, help law enforcement agenc […]
Officer Service Weapon
3 months ago
Understanding the Importance of Use of Force: An Interview with PERF’s Tom Wilson
Almost every week, somewhere in the US, there is a report of a police-involved "use of force […]
3 months ago
Using Technology to Combat Gun Crime: An Interview with ShotSpotter’s John Risenhoover
Technology can not only help Law Enforcement Agencies solve gun crimes faster, but help officers […]
use of force
3 months ago
How the Baltimore Police Department Trains New Hires in the Use of Force: An Interview with Pam Davis
It's never been more important for police officers to understand and consider all of their op […]
Seattle Pacific University Shooting Emergency Response
3 months ago
Lessons Learned from the Seattle Pacific University Shooting: an Interview with Cheryl Michaels
Emergency preparedness doesn't happen overnight - nor does it happen in a vacuum.  […]
Robotics and Automation
4 months ago
Is Automation Coming for Your Criminal Justice or Public Safety Job? Think Again.
When most of us think about automation, we think of technology advancements, assembly lines " […]
Cincinnati waterfront
4 months ago
How Cincinnati Police Department’s Consistent Efforts Are Paying Off: An Interview with Paul Neudigate
Tackling gun crime doesn't happen overnight - nor does it happen from just one effort or init […]
Measures for Justice Utah misdemeanor data
4 months ago
How Do You Compare Public Safety and Justice Process Data across Areas? Measures for Justice
While the US may be comprised of 50 states - how criminal justice is managed is really a local ma […]
Helping Hands
4 months ago
Advanced Suicide Prevention, Intervention & PostVention: an Interview with Amy Morgan
The statistics about suicide rates among our justice professionals is just astonishing: […]
4 months ago
The Benefits of NamUs for Law Enforcement: an Interview with Todd Matthews
While some agencies in the US use the  National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (Nam […]
4 months ago
Using NamUs for Critical Incident Responses: an Interview with Todd Matthews
Most of us may immediately think about the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System  […]
4 months ago
Implementing Person-Centered Case Management Projects: An Interview with George Casey
Let's face it, sometimes government agency systems can be... frustrating? daunting to navigat […]
4 months ago
Understanding the Crime Gun Investigative Cycle: An Interview with Darrell Smith
NIBIN can be a key differentiator in helping local law enforcement agencies in their battle again […]
4 months ago
An Introduction to Doctrinal Sharia (Islamic Law): an Interview with Chris Gaubatz
To really understand jihadis and their motivations behind their terrorist activities, unders […]
Military Uniform
4 months ago
Getting Beyond Numbers: The Importance of “Person-Centered” Case Management. An Interview with Steven Gill
Whether you are managing a jail, probation clients or providing agency services, looking at the & […]
Police Uniform
4 months ago
Keeping Out of Trouble with Good Decision Making: An Interview with Thom Dworak
A lot of things go into forming great police officers: recruits need to learn how to fire a weapo […]
Tennessee State Capitol
4 months ago
Learning to Pass Missing Persons Legislation: An Interview with Todd Matthews
On May 2, 2017, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed into law "Help Find the Missing Act&qu […]
4 months ago
Applying Business Systems to Evidence Processing: An Interview with Milwaukee PD’s Captain David Salazar
  Business principles don't always "neatly" apply to government agenci […]
Don't Holster Your Feelings
5 months ago
Unique Support for First Responders: An Interview with Sally Spencer Thomas
Losing anyone to suicide is tragic.  But losing a first responder represents a uniqu […]
Choices Graphic
5 months ago
Practicing What Probation Officers Preach: An Interview with Michelle Hart
While community-based supervision is an important part of any probation program, many supervisors […]
5 months ago
The Importance of Connecting with Your Probation Clients: An Interview with Paul Ventura
Managing probation clients can be similar to managing employees: it's critical to make a conn […]
Man reflecting
5 months ago
Role of the First Line Supervisor: An Interview with Jeff Fox
The manager's job has never been an easy one. But management and leadership for public sector […]
Online Crime
5 months ago
Free CyberCrime Resources for the Justice Professional: An Interview with Ben Spear
Law enforcement has always had to adapt to keep up with all the ways criminals break the law. As […]
UK Police officer w/Gun
5 months ago
Understanding the Use of Force: An Interview with Tim Miller
Law Enforcement Officers are there to "protect and serve." It often part of why they si […]
Trauma Infogrx Thumbnail
5 months ago
Infographic: What is Trauma?
Kids in Hot Car
5 months ago
Science Made Simple: Understanding the Basics of Hot Car Deaths
Each year, 37 kids - not to mention hundreds of pets - die from heatstroke because they were left […]
Broken Glasses
5 months ago
The Hidden Nature of Elder Abuse: an Interview with Brenda Uekert
The statistics are just astonishing.   […]
elderly person
6 months ago
How to Overcome Elder Abuse Barriers in Investigations and Prosecutions: an Interview with Paul Greenwood
We all will grow older. But that doesn't mean that as older people, we should become victims […]
6 months ago
Competency Based Human Resourcing: An interview with Mark Hendershot
What can the Oscar-nominated 2011 movie Moneyball (yes, that movie - the one with Brad Pitt) teac […]
6 months ago
Understanding Elder Abuse: An Interview with Julie Schoen
Experts say that as many as 5 million elderly people are abused on an annual basis.  Even mo […]
Terrorism 9/11
6 months ago
Understanding the Jihadi Threat: An interview with Chris Gaubatz
Terrorism. It's a word that evokes a thousand memories with just one simple word. Mem […]
6 months ago
Investigating and Prosecuting Drowning Deaths: an Interview with Hilary Weinberg and Kate Loudenslagel
  Join webinar hosts Hilary Weinberg and Kate Loudenslagel of the Maricopa Coun […]
6 months ago
Establishing Crime Gun Intelligence Programs: a discussion with Pete Gagliardi
Given the highly mobile nature of today’s population and the ready availability of technology tool […]
Suicide Prevention
6 months ago
Basic Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention: An Interview with Amy Morgan
Asking for help isn't easy for many people - but it can be especially difficult for first res […]
6 months ago
Establishing a Gun Crime Intelligence Program for your Region: A Discussion with Ron Nichols
Agencies dream of the resources seen on TV crime shows: the latest technology, gleaming, newly-bu […]
Hot Car Deaths Parking Lot
6 months ago
Prosecuting & Investigating Hot Car Deaths: An Interview with Hilary Weinberg and Joshua Clark
It'll only be a few minutes. 15 at most? A warm day. You'll just be poppi […]
Pulse Nightclub Shooting
6 months ago
Effective Crisis Leadership: An Interview with Jeff Fox
Leadership isn't easy.  While managing and leading during a routine day - the type of da […]
DanSun Art
6 months ago
Staying Strong in a Challenging Environment: An Interview with Amy Morgan
First responders and professionals in the justice/public safety see a lot -- and deal with a lot. […]
suicide prevention
7 months ago
Providing Support to First Responders: An Interview with Karen Solomon of 1st Alliance
According to Badge of Life, a police suicide prevention program, 108 Law Enforcement Officers took t […]
Infographic 2106 Exonerations
7 months ago
Trends and Data in Exonerations: An Interview with Samuel Gross of the National Registry of Exonerations
No one wants to think about the possibility of an innocent person being wrongfully convicted. […]
Power Outages
7 months ago
Lights Out: Threats to the US Electric Grid and Implications to a Prolonged Blackout – An Interview with Tommy Waller
It’s often said that one of the surest ways to cause fear, calamity or concern is to disrupt the s […]
7 months ago
Solving Gun Crimes Infographic
Feel free to download and share this infographic!    
Ballistics Evidence
7 months ago
Making Gun Crime a Priority in Your Region: An Interview with Dr. Bill King
Solving gun crime isn’t as simple as what the public sees on TV. From CSI to Blue Bloods, s […]
Police Use of Force
7 months ago
Use of Force and Officer Safety: An interview with Jeff Fox
No one becomes an officer wanting to use excessive force to detain or apprehend people. But in th […]
Confidential Informant
8 months ago
Confidential Informants: Courtroom Lessons Learned – An Interview with Jon Eliason
Using confidential informants can be fraught with challenges. Between guidelines and case law, prose […]
Newtown Shooting
8 months ago
Recovering from Mass Casualty Response/ Post Action Debriefing: An Interview with Amy Morgan
Working in law enforcement, while incredibly rewarding, can at times also be equally stressful. […]
Gun Evidence
8 months ago
Solving Gun Crime: A Team Effort Can Be the Difference
Given the highly mobile nature of today’s population and the ready availability of technology tool […]
8 months ago
Identifying and Managing Security Threat Groups in Corrections Facilities: An Interview with Ben Griego
For many people, when the word, “gangs,” is mentioned, they think of groups of crimin […]
9 months ago
Expanding the Understanding of the CyberThreat Environment: An Interview with Ben Spear
The numbers are just staggering. Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a top concern for ever […]
National Center on Elder Abuse
9 months ago
Prosecuting Vulnerable and Elder Adult Abuse: An Interview with Hilary Weinberg and Jim Seeger
  With better health care, diet and exercise, most Americans are living longer: on a […]
Pretrial Confinement Jail
9 months ago
Creating a Culture of Pre-Trial Release in Arizona: An Interview with Tom O’Connell and Kathy Waters
Incarcerating people prior to trial is fraught with challenges. It can be a costly proce […]
Team Grant Writing
9 months ago
Grant Writing Made Easy: An interview with Pete Gagliardi and Karen Ziegler
Grant writing can be a successful mechanism for local agencies to get much needed fundin […]
Teen Sex Trafficking DMST
9 months ago
Protecting the Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: An Interview with Eva Klain
  It’s an unthinkable, unspeakable crime that happens every day in cities larg […]
Police talking to autistic child
10 months ago
Autism Awareness for Criminal Justice Professionals: An Interview with Trish Ieraci
In 2015, The ARC’s National Center on Criminal Justice & Disability Report said that 35 […]
Police Officer Training
10 months ago
Key Methods for Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Law Enforcement Training Programs: An Interview with Thom Dworak
  A critical function of a Law Enforcement Agency’s Field Training Or […]
11 months ago
Jihad as Terrorism: Islam, Religion, the Quran and the Meaning of Jihad
A Justice Clearinghouse Interview with Terrorism Expert, Dr. Jeff Fox  Th […]

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4 months ago
First Responders Use Gaming System Behind “Mortal Kombat” for Disaster Training
From "The simulation, called the Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, or ED […]
5 months ago
Agnes Gund Sells a Lichtenstein to Start Criminal Justice Fund
From The New York Times:  "The fund will make grants to organizations and leaders […]
Mass Shootings
5 months ago
After 152 Mass Shootings In 2017, It Took An Attack On Congress To Get Our Attention
From The Huffington Post:  "Apart from the setting ― a tony neighborhood in Alex […]
Bullet through strawberry
5 months ago
What Bullets Do to Bodies
From the New York Times:  "Early in my medical training, I learned that it is not […]
Grave Stone
5 months ago
‘Some Mothers Boy’ identified as Frank Haynes after 96 years
From Sky News: "Frank Haynes was killed when he was struck in the head by a train in Georget […]
5 months ago
Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever before, and show no signs of slowing down
From Business Insider: "Last year, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and […]
NYT Drug Charts
5 months ago
Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever
From The New York Times:  Drug overdose deaths in 2016 most likely exceeded 59,000, the […]
Check Engine Light
5 months ago
Explaining Cybersecurity through Cars: Get Yours Inspected or Get It Off the Road
From NextGov: "Let’s go for a ride and see what is waiting out there for you. First qu […]
Cars and Trucks
5 months ago
How Cars And Trucks Became Tools For Terrorists
From The Huffington Post: "Truck and car attacks present a unique challenge for law enforcem […]
Prisoner Loading Sign
5 months ago
Do All Violent Offenders Need Long Prison Terms?
From The Crime Report: "[John] Pfaff, who trained as an economist at the University of Chica […]
5 months ago
Murder on Hold: Rural Cops Need Help to Solve Rising Cold-Case Backlogs
From The Crime Report: "But for smaller departments, that represents a significant challenge […]
Online Crime
5 months ago
How Online Predators Outgun Police
From The Crime Report: "Technological advances and the internet have forced law en […]
5 months ago
Do Federal Consent Decrees Reduce Police Misconduct?
From The Crime Report: "A study by three researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas of […]
Kids in Jail
5 months ago
Most States Still Deny Juveniles Access to Counsel: Report
From The Crime Report: "Fifty years after the Supreme Court ruling that recognized chil […]
5 months ago
The Justice Dilemma: When the Cure is Worse Than the Disease
From The Crime Report: "Mandatory minimum sentences produce startling iatrogenic levels of m […]
Human Trafficking
5 months ago
Sex Trafficking: A Surprising Rescue Story
From The Crime Report: "Less than two hours later, by approximately 11:30 pm, the police had […]
Dubai RoboCop
5 months ago
Meet the newest member of the Dubai Police: yes, it’s a robot
From Smart Cities Council: ""We are looking to make everything smart in Dubai Police. W […]
5 months ago
New Immigration Crackdowns Creating ‘Chilling Effect’ On Crime Reporting
From NPR: "Police officials have been warning about the unintended consequences of Trum […]
Japan Police Officers
5 months ago
Petty Officers: As crime dries up, Japan’s police hunt for things to do
From The Economist: "Japan’s cluttered streets are not always pretty but they are rema […]
EU Police Cars
5 months ago
EU police forces trialling AI detectives
From Springwise: "The system, called VALCRI (Visual Analytics for sense making in […]
Parking Meter
5 months ago
Stockton, Calif., Police Use Social Media to Try to Catch ‘Bold’ Parking-Meter Thief
From GovTech: "Stockton police released photos on social media of a man suspected of stealin […]
College Students
5 months ago
Campuses Are Not Equipped to Handle Sexual Assault; Local Law Enforcement Can Help
Route "As prosecutors, we are most successful when we take a coordinated approach […]
Prison Fence
5 months ago
How ‘Raise the Age’ Laws Might Reduce Recidivism
From Route "Raising the age can have a huge impact on the lives of young people. […]
5 months ago
Measuring Local Criminal Justice Systems Ahead of Reform
From Route "A Rochester, New York-based nonpartisan nonprofit group, Measure […]
5 months ago
A Guide For Federal Leaders In a Time of Uncertainty
From Government Executive: "While federal [editorial note: or any government or agency] mana […]
Sherrill Roland
5 months ago
Wrongfully Incarcerated Artist Finished Grad School Wearing An Orange Jumpsuit
From Huffington Post: "The account concluded that the “appalling conditions of confine […]
Use of Force
5 months ago
Cops In This City Haven’t Killed Anyone Since 2015. Here’s One Reason Why.
From Huffington Post: Across the country, police officers have shot and killed at least 367 […]
5 months ago
Downloading a Nightmare: When autism, child pornography and the courts collide.
From The Marshall Project: "The result for defendants can be the crushing impact of a system […]
Mount Desert Island, Maine
5 months ago
Prisoners Could Help Solve Maine’s Labor Problem, Says Governor
From Governing: "During two radio interviews, [Maine's governor] discussed his administ […]
5 months ago
How a 5-sentence letter helped fuel the opioid addiction crisis
From the Los Angeles Times: "The takeaway was clear: “We conclude that despite widespr […]
Lexington Courthouse
5 months ago
Judicial Redistricting: An Issue Most Politicians Don’t Want to Discuss
From Governing: "One thing that hasn’t changed much, though, is Kentucky’s judic […]
Fastco exist
5 months ago
Private Diversion Programs are Failing Those Who Need Help the Most
From The Marshall Project: "At its best, diversion helps keep offenders from cycling back th […]
Line Chart Drugs and MVC
5 months ago
Health Officials Vow to Develop Drugs to Curb the Opioid Epidemic
From Washington Post: “We are very much committed to bringing all hands on deck to address […]
5 months ago
Street Stops by New York City Police Have Plummeted
From The New York Times: "Street stops by New York City police officers have plunged si […]
LA County Sheriff
5 months ago
Deputies’ union asks L.A. County sheriff to publish additional data on use of force
From The LA Times: "After an oversight group pushed the Los Angeles County Sh […]
Supreme Court
5 months ago
Supreme Court Raises the Bar for Suing Police
From Governing: "The basic problem with the provocation rule," Justice Samuel A. Alito, […]
Seal of Nebraska
5 months ago
Nebraska Governor Signs Law to Keep People Out of Jail for Being Poor
From Governing: "The law, signed by Gov. Pete Ricketts, will require that any person who fai […]
5 months ago
Busting the Tree Ring
From High Country News: "Illegal loggers have lopped off so many redwood burls — woody […]
Book Locked In
5 months ago
Why Prosecutors Are the ‘Heart’ of Our Prison Population Boom
From The Crime Report: "The unbridled discretion of prosecuting attorneys—and not the […]
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and Mariska Hargitay
5 months ago
Mariska Hargitay’s Doc ‘I Am Evidence’ Is An Eye-Opening Look At The Rape Kit Backlog
From Huffington Post: "But what happens during the course of an hourlong procedural rarely aligns wi […]
Homeless People
5 months ago
The Unsung Government Program That Gives Federal Property to the Homeless
From "Given soaring land costs, zoning laws, and neighborhood opposition, building a ho […]
5 months ago
States Seek Shortened Probation and Parole for Many
From "In Georgia, one in 16 adults is on probation. That’s almost four times the na […]
5 months ago
DEA Seeks Prosecutors To Fight Opioid Crisis; Critics Fear Return To War On Drugs
From "The Drug Enforcement Administration has proposed hiring its own prosecutor corps to b […]
Immigration ICE Police
5 months ago
Analysis: Undocumented Immigrants Not Linked With Higher Crime Rates
From Decades of research largely dismiss the commonly-held belief that immigrants ar […]
5 months ago
Just Another Week in Hell
From The Marshall Project: "The dehumanizing conditions in many lockups has received conside […]
5 months ago
After Ferguson, Civic Tech Collaborative Helps Residents Navigate Convoluted Criminal Justice System
From Route "Such an inclination is understandable given the U.S. Department of Justice la […]
Police Department Statistics
5 months ago
Police Department Race and Ethnicity Demographic Data
From "Despite efforts to become more diverse, minorities remain underrepresented to v […]
Washington State Senate
5 months ago
Victim-Blaming No More: Washington State Helps Prostitutes Clear Charges
From "The governor has signed a bill into law that would allow victims of sex traffic […]
Data image 1s and 0s
5 months ago
How Artificial Intelligence Is Already Changing Government
From "We don't have enough people to keep up." "We have to go through miles of cas […]
Death Penalty Data
5 months ago
The death penalty has long divided Americans. Here’s why those who oppose it are winning
From the Los Angeles Times: "A series of executions in Arkansas have reignited the long-standing bat […]
5 months ago
When Justice Gets Personal
From The Marshall Project: “Are you Judge Bennett?” "Shopping in the grocery store last month, I […]
5 months ago
Ransomware is on the Rise and Getting More Expensive
From "Incidents of ransomware are becoming more frequent and the cost is rising […]
Marshall Project
5 months ago
Sixty-eight Years Later, Apologies in Lake County
From The Marshall Project: "On a nearby television monitor, she could see Rep. Bobby DuBose […]
New Scotland Yard
5 months ago
The police are looking for more detectives in London — no experience necessary
From Business Insider: "London continues to change and so do its criminals. Increasing complex crime […]
Animated map
5 months ago
How to Catch Hackers? Old-School Sleuthing, With a Digital Twist
From The New York Times: "Bank robbers wear masks and escape in vans with stolen license plates. Kid […]
St. Clair Avenue in East Liverpool, Ohio
5 months ago
Police Officer’s Near-Fatal Fentanyl-Contact Overdose Prompts New Concerns
From Route "Police cruisers in East Liverpool come with special protective gear for polic […]
Telecommunications Security
5 months ago
Hackers used a long-neglected vulnerability in phone networks to empty victims’ bank accounts
From Business Insider: "There's a major vulnerability in the way phone networks talk to each other […]
6 months ago
6 Strategies for Digital Transformation That Puts Citizens First
From A recent Adobe commissioned survey revealed that many citizens would rather have a […]
Police Body Cameras
6 months ago
Police Body Cameras Will Do More than Just Record You
From Fast Company:  A week after the 2015 shooting at Bataclan concert hall in France, the Milipol, […]
Rotunda at Oregon State Capital in Salem
6 months ago
One Lax State Can Make the Other 49 Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
From Route Fifty: Many foreign entities have the desire but only four countries have the capacity fo […]
6 months ago
The Vast, Secretive Database that Could Instantly ID You in a Crowd
From Fast “I wasn’t informed when my driver’s license was renewed my photograph w […]
6 months ago
The New, More Powerful Wave of Civilian Oversight of Police
From "In Oakland, Calif., police will soon answer to civilians newly entrusted with […]
6 months ago
The Cyberthreat to Government That’s Lurking in the Shadows
From "Michael Roling, Missouri’s chief information security officer (CISO), knew t […]
6 months ago
How the Feds Plan to Respond to a Hack on the Electric Grid
From Fast Company: "Experts have long warned that the nation’s power grid is potentially vuln […]
Annie Dookhan
6 months ago
20,000 Convicted Drug Offenders’ Cases Will Get Thrown Out Thanks To This Rogue Chemist
From Huffington Post:  "Some 20,000 convicted drug offenders in Massachusetts will likely have […]
Tyrone Werts
6 months ago
After 36 Years in Prison, This Philadelphian Has a Model for Criminal Justice Reform
From "While serving what was supposed to be a life sentence in prison, Tyrone Werts w […]
US Prisoners at Year End
6 months ago
Why Does the US Lead the World in Incarcerations?
[Interactive Graphic] From  "The US holds only 5% of the world’s population but 25% […]
ICE Deports Immigrants
6 months ago
The Mythical Link Between Immigrants and High Crime Rates
From Governing: Donald Trump, the outspoken and disconcertingly blunt president, made the notion tha […]
Emotional Intelligence
6 months ago
Emotional Intelligence Has a Scary Dark Side, Says Science
From Inc.: Most of us pride ourselves on being emotionally intelligent (EQ), but a new study indicat […]
Body Camera
6 months ago
Facial-Recognition Tech Will Make Life a Perpetual Police Line Up for All
From Your privacy is about to be invaded a little more. But this time, it is for you […]
Independent Investigation
6 months ago
79% Want Police Misconduct Investigated by Independent Agencies
From The Cato Institute: 21% of Americans may not agree, but the majority of Americans support in […]
6 months ago
The ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Having a Real Impact on Policing
From the New York Post: The 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which resulted in the “ […]
Cyber Security
6 months ago
Executives Have More Faith in Cyber Defenses than the Cyber Staff
From Government officials and company executives speak more highly of their cybersecuri […]
Stockton Policing
6 months ago
How Stockton Is Using Predictive Policing to Thwart Violent Gun Crimes
From The exploration of evidence-based practices is working well for the police […]
Judicial Emergency
6 months ago
Southern Indiana U.S District Court to Borrow Judges from Wisconsin
From the Indy Star: There is an ongoing “judicial emergency” in the U.S. District Court in th […]
Big Data Cities
6 months ago
A Playbook for how Cities Should Share and Protect Data
From Finding the balance between the sharing and protection of information by cities […]
Bullet Proof Shield
6 months ago
This Bulletproof Shield Was Inspired by Japanese Origami
From Fast Typically bulletproof shields are flat, heavy, and unable to provide total […]
Police in Car
10 months ago
Automated policing within the surveillance state: Future of policing
From "Over the coming decades, new technologies will enable our police forces to see […]
What is a Smart City
10 months ago
Smarter, Better, Faster: Where Smart Cities Are Headed by 2020
From The article covers a wide-ranging discussion regarding the use of sensor […]
Student Studying
10 months ago
Thank Your Universities (Because They’re Filling the Smart Cities Talent Gap)
From the "Because a smart city's success depends so heavily on complex syste […]
Data Image 1s and 0s
10 months ago
Is Predictive Policing Right for Your Smart City?
From the Smart Cities Council: "Predictive policing, the process of using data and analytics to ant […]
Project Lifesaver
10 months ago
The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama has obtained permission to operate its drone for search and rescue missions. (Selma Times Journal)
From The Selma Times Journal: "The Alzheimer's Outreach Group donated a drone to the Dallas County S […]
Data image 1s and 0s
10 months ago
How One City Plans to Get Smarter (and share how they did it with others)
From the Smart Cities Council: "It's the reality so many cities know all too well. Urban populations […]
10 months ago
Sacramento’s Real-Time Crime Center (and why you need one)
From the Smart Cities Council: "Pick a city — any city — and crime is likely at or near the […]
10 months ago
Sahuarita AZ police expect to use drones by December 2016
From the Arizona Daily Star: "The Sahuarita Police Department will be the first police agency in […]
10 months ago
Middlesex Sheriff’s Office in Pennsylvania Has Received Approval to Acquire a Drone (Southside Sentinel)
From The Southside Sentinel: "The drones, purchased with drug forfeiture funds, can be used for s […]
11 months ago
Meet the Man Who Reduced Chronic Homelessness in Utah by 91%
Lloyd Pendelton, director of Utah's Homeless Task Force, recently spoke at TedMed about his evoluti […]
11 months ago
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