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Cincinnati waterfront
6 days ago
How Cincinnati Police Department’s Consistent Efforts Are Paying Off: An Interview with Paul Neudigate
Tackling gun crime doesn't happen overnight - nor does it happen from just one effort or init […]
Measures for Justice Utah misdemeanor data
6 days ago
How Do You Compare Public Safety and Justice Process Data across Areas? Measures for Justice
While the US may be comprised of 50 states - how criminal justice is managed is really a local ma […]
Helping Hands
13 days ago
Advanced Suicide Prevention, Intervention & PostVention: an Interview with Amy Morgan
The statistics about suicide rates among our justice professionals is just astonishing: […]
18 days ago
Implementing Person-Centered Case Management Projects: An Interview with George Casey
Let's face it, sometimes government agency systems can be... frustrating? daunting to navigat […]
18 days ago
Understanding the Crime Gun Investigative Cycle: An Interview with Darrell Smith
NIBIN can be a key differentiator in helping local law enforcement agencies in their battle again […]
20 days ago
An Introduction to Doctrinal Sharia (Islamic Law): an Interview with Chris Gaubatz
To really understand jihadis and their motivations behind their terrorist activities, unders […]
Military Uniform
24 days ago
Getting Beyond Numbers: The Importance of “Person-Centered” Case Management. An Interview with Steven Gill
Whether you are managing a jail, probation clients or providing agency services, looking at the & […]
Police Uniform
25 days ago
Keeping Out of Trouble with Good Decision Making: An Interview with Thom Dworak
A lot of things go into forming great police officers: recruits need to learn how to fire a weapo […]
Tennessee State Capitol
29 days ago
Learning to Pass Missing Persons Legislation: An Interview with Todd Matthews
On May 2, 2017, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed into law "Help Find the Missing Act&qu […]
1 month ago
Applying Business Systems to Evidence Processing: An Interview with Milwaukee PD’s Captain David Salazar
  Business principles don't always "neatly" apply to government agenci […]
Don't Holster Your Feelings
1 month ago
Unique Support for First Responders: An Interview with Sally Spencer Thomas
Losing anyone to suicide is tragic.  But losing a first responder represents a uniqu […]
Choices Graphic
1 month ago
Practicing What Probation Officers Preach: An Interview with Michelle Hart
While community-based supervision is an important part of any probation program, many supervisors […]
1 month ago
The Importance of Connecting with Your Probation Clients: An Interview with Paul Ventura
Managing probation clients can be similar to managing employees: it's critical to make a conn […]
Man reflecting
1 month ago
Role of the First Line Supervisor: An Interview with Jeff Fox
The manager's job has never been an easy one. But management and leadership for public sector […]
Online Crime
1 month ago
Free CyberCrime Resources for the Justice Professional: An Interview with Ben Spear
Law enforcement has always had to adapt to keep up with all the ways criminals break the law. As […]
UK Police officer w/Gun
1 month ago
Understanding the Use of Force: An Interview with Tim Miller
Law Enforcement Officers are there to "protect and serve." It often part of why they si […]
Trauma Infogrx Thumbnail
1 month ago
Infographic: What is Trauma?
Kids in Hot Car
1 month ago
Science Made Simple: Understanding the Basics of Hot Car Deaths
Each year, 37 kids - not to mention hundreds of pets - die from heatstroke because they were left […]
Broken Glasses
1 month ago
The Hidden Nature of Elder Abuse: an Interview with Brenda Uekert
The statistics are just astonishing.   […]
elderly person
2 months ago
How to Overcome Elder Abuse Barriers in Investigations and Prosecutions: an Interview with Paul Greenwood
We all will grow older. But that doesn't mean that as older people, we should become victims […]
2 months ago
Competency Based Human Resourcing: An interview with Mark Hendershot
What can the Oscar-nominated 2011 movie Moneyball (yes, that movie - the one with Brad Pitt) teac […]
2 months ago
Understanding Elder Abuse: An Interview with Julie Schoen
Experts say that as many as 5 million elderly people are abused on an annual basis.  Even mo […]
Terrorism 9/11
2 months ago
Understanding the Jihadi Threat: An interview with Chris Gaubatz
Terrorism. It's a word that evokes a thousand memories with just one simple word. Mem […]
2 months ago
Decreasing Backlog to Meet the Needs of Law Enforcement: An Interview with Forensics Services Chief Pam Hofsass
It's great when your organization is in demand: when people see the importance and value your […]
2 months ago
Investigating and Prosecuting Drowning Deaths: an Interview with Hilary Weinberg and Kate Loudenslagel
  Join webinar hosts Hilary Weinberg and Kate Loudenslagel of the Maricopa Coun […]
2 months ago
Establishing Crime Gun Intelligence Programs: a discussion with Pete Gagliardi
Given the highly mobile nature of today’s population and the ready availability of technology tool […]
Suicide Prevention
2 months ago
Basic Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention: An Interview with Amy Morgan
Asking for help isn't easy for many people - but it can be especially difficult for first res […]
2 months ago
Establishing a Gun Crime Intelligence Program for your Region: A Discussion with Ron Nichols
Agencies dream of the resources seen on TV crime shows: the latest technology, gleaming, newly-bu […]
Hot Car Deaths Parking Lot
2 months ago
Prosecuting & Investigating Hot Car Deaths: An Interview with Hilary Weinberg and Joshua Clark
It'll only be a few minutes. 15 at most? A warm day. You'll just be poppi […]
Pulse Nightclub Shooting
2 months ago
Effective Crisis Leadership: An Interview with Jeff Fox
Leadership isn't easy.  While managing and leading during a routine day - the type of da […]
DanSun Art
2 months ago
Staying Strong in a Challenging Environment: An Interview with Amy Morgan
First responders and professionals in the justice/public safety see a lot -- and deal with a lot. […]
suicide prevention
3 months ago
Providing Support to First Responders: An Interview with Karen Solomon of 1st Alliance
According to Badge of Life, a police suicide prevention program, 108 Law Enforcement Officers took t […]
Infographic 2106 Exonerations
3 months ago
Trends and Data in Exonerations: An Interview with Samuel Gross of the National Registry of Exonerations
No one wants to think about the possibility of an innocent person being wrongfully convicted. […]
Power Outages
3 months ago
Lights Out: Threats to the US Electric Grid and Implications to a Prolonged Blackout – An Interview with Tommy Waller
It’s often said that one of the surest ways to cause fear, calamity or concern is to disrupt the s […]
3 months ago
Solving Gun Crimes Infographic
Feel free to download and share this infographic!    
Ballistics Evidence
3 months ago
Making Gun Crime a Priority in Your Region: An Interview with Dr. Bill King
Solving gun crime isn’t as simple as what the public sees on TV. From CSI to Blue Bloods, s […]
Police Use of Force
3 months ago
Use of Force and Officer Safety: An interview with Jeff Fox
No one becomes an officer wanting to use excessive force to detain or apprehend people. But in th […]
Confidential Informant
4 months ago
Confidential Informants: Courtroom Lessons Learned – An Interview with Jon Eliason
Using confidential informants can be fraught with challenges. Between guidelines and case law, prose […]
Newtown Shooting
4 months ago
Recovering from Mass Casualty Response/ Post Action Debriefing: An Interview with Amy Morgan
Working in law enforcement, while incredibly rewarding, can at times also be equally stressful. […]
Gun Evidence
4 months ago
Solving Gun Crime: A Team Effort Can Be the Difference
Given the highly mobile nature of today’s population and the ready availability of technology tool […]
5 months ago
Identifying and Managing Security Threat Groups in Corrections Facilities: An Interview with Ben Griego
For many people, when the word, “gangs,” is mentioned, they think of groups of crimin […]
5 months ago
Expanding the Understanding of the CyberThreat Environment: An Interview with Ben Spear
The numbers are just staggering. Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a top concern for ever […]
National Center on Elder Abuse
5 months ago
Prosecuting Vulnerable and Elder Adult Abuse: An Interview with Hilary Weinberg and Jim Seeger
  With better health care, diet and exercise, most Americans are living longer: on a […]
Pretrial Confinement Jail
5 months ago
Creating a Culture of Pre-Trial Release in Arizona: An Interview with Tom O’Connell and Kathy Waters
Incarcerating people prior to trial is fraught with challenges. It can be a costly proce […]
Team Grant Writing
5 months ago
Grant Writing Made Easy: An interview with Pete Gagliardi and Karen Ziegler
Grant writing can be a successful mechanism for local agencies to get much needed fundin […]
Teen Sex Trafficking DMST
5 months ago
Protecting the Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: An Interview with Eva Klain
  It’s an unthinkable, unspeakable crime that happens every day in cities larg […]
Police talking to autistic child
6 months ago
Autism Awareness for Criminal Justice Professionals: An Interview with Trish Ieraci
In 2015, The ARC’s National Center on Criminal Justice & Disability Report said that 35 […]
Police Officer Training
6 months ago
Key Methods for Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Law Enforcement Training Programs: An Interview with Thom Dworak
  A critical function of a Law Enforcement Agency’s Field Training Or […]
7 months ago
Jihad as Terrorism: Islam, Religion, the Quran and the Meaning of Jihad
A Justice Clearinghouse Interview with Terrorism Expert, Dr. Jeff Fox  Th […]

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17 days ago
First Responders Use Gaming System Behind “Mortal Kombat” for Disaster Training
From "The simulation, called the Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, or ED […]
1 month ago
Agnes Gund Sells a Lichtenstein to Start Criminal Justice Fund
From The New York Times:  "The fund will make grants to organizations and leaders […]
Mass Shootings
1 month ago
After 152 Mass Shootings In 2017, It Took An Attack On Congress To Get Our Attention
From The Huffington Post:  "Apart from the setting ― a tony neighborhood in Alex […]
Grave Stone
1 month ago
‘Some Mothers Boy’ identified as Frank Haynes after 96 years
From Sky News: "Frank Haynes was killed when he was struck in the head by a train in Georget […]
1 month ago
Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever before, and show no signs of slowing down
From Business Insider: "Last year, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and […]
NYT Drug Charts
1 month ago
Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever
From The New York Times:  Drug overdose deaths in 2016 most likely exceeded 59,000, the […]
Prisoner Loading Sign
1 month ago
Do All Violent Offenders Need Long Prison Terms?
From The Crime Report: "[John] Pfaff, who trained as an economist at the University of Chica […]
1 month ago
Murder on Hold: Rural Cops Need Help to Solve Rising Cold-Case Backlogs
From The Crime Report: "But for smaller departments, that represents a significant challenge […]
Online Crime
1 month ago
How Online Predators Outgun Police
From The Crime Report: "Technological advances and the internet have forced law en […]
1 month ago
Do Federal Consent Decrees Reduce Police Misconduct?
From The Crime Report: "A study by three researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas of […]
Kids in Jail
1 month ago
Most States Still Deny Juveniles Access to Counsel: Report
From The Crime Report: "Fifty years after the Supreme Court ruling that recognized chil […]
College Students
1 month ago
Campuses Are Not Equipped to Handle Sexual Assault; Local Law Enforcement Can Help
Route "As prosecutors, we are most successful when we take a coordinated approach […]
Prison Fence
1 month ago
How ‘Raise the Age’ Laws Might Reduce Recidivism
From Route "Raising the age can have a huge impact on the lives of young people. […]
1 month ago
Measuring Local Criminal Justice Systems Ahead of Reform
From Route "A Rochester, New York-based nonpartisan nonprofit group, Measure […]
1 month ago
A Guide For Federal Leaders In a Time of Uncertainty
From Government Executive: "While federal [editorial note: or any government or agency] mana […]
Sherrill Roland
1 month ago
Wrongfully Incarcerated Artist Finished Grad School Wearing An Orange Jumpsuit
From Huffington Post: "The account concluded that the “appalling conditions of confine […]
1 month ago
Downloading a Nightmare: When autism, child pornography and the courts collide.
From The Marshall Project: "The result for defendants can be the crushing impact of a system […]
Lexington Courthouse
1 month ago
Judicial Redistricting: An Issue Most Politicians Don’t Want to Discuss
From Governing: "One thing that hasn’t changed much, though, is Kentucky’s judic […]
Fastco exist
1 month ago
Private Diversion Programs are Failing Those Who Need Help the Most
From The Marshall Project: "At its best, diversion helps keep offenders from cycling back th […]
Line Chart Drugs and MVC
1 month ago
Health Officials Vow to Develop Drugs to Curb the Opioid Epidemic
From Washington Post: “We are very much committed to bringing all hands on deck to address […]
1 month ago
Street Stops by New York City Police Have Plummeted
From The New York Times: "Street stops by New York City police officers have plunged si […]
LA County Sheriff
1 month ago
Deputies’ union asks L.A. County sheriff to publish additional data on use of force
From The LA Times: "After an oversight group pushed the Los Angeles County Sh […]
Supreme Court
1 month ago
Supreme Court Raises the Bar for Suing Police
From Governing: "The basic problem with the provocation rule," Justice Samuel A. Alito, […]
Seal of Nebraska
1 month ago
Nebraska Governor Signs Law to Keep People Out of Jail for Being Poor
From Governing: "The law, signed by Gov. Pete Ricketts, will require that any person who fai […]
1 month ago
Busting the Tree Ring
From High Country News: "Illegal loggers have lopped off so many redwood burls — woody […]
Book Locked In
1 month ago
Why Prosecutors Are the ‘Heart’ of Our Prison Population Boom
From The Crime Report: "The unbridled discretion of prosecuting attorneys—and not the […]
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and Mariska Hargitay
1 month ago
Mariska Hargitay’s Doc ‘I Am Evidence’ Is An Eye-Opening Look At The Rape Kit Backlog
From Huffington Post: "But what happens during the course of an hourlong procedural rarely aligns wi […]
Homeless People
1 month ago
The Unsung Government Program That Gives Federal Property to the Homeless
From "Given soaring land costs, zoning laws, and neighborhood opposition, building a ho […]
1 month ago
States Seek Shortened Probation and Parole for Many
From "In Georgia, one in 16 adults is on probation. That’s almost four times the na […]
1 month ago
DEA Seeks Prosecutors To Fight Opioid Crisis; Critics Fear Return To War On Drugs
From "The Drug Enforcement Administration has proposed hiring its own prosecutor corps to b […]
Immigration ICE Police
1 month ago
Analysis: Undocumented Immigrants Not Linked With Higher Crime Rates
From Decades of research largely dismiss the commonly-held belief that immigrants ar […]
1 month ago
Just Another Week in Hell
From The Marshall Project: "The dehumanizing conditions in many lockups has received conside […]
1 month ago
After Ferguson, Civic Tech Collaborative Helps Residents Navigate Convoluted Criminal Justice System
From Route "Such an inclination is understandable given the U.S. Department of Justice la […]
Police Department Statistics
1 month ago
Police Department Race and Ethnicity Demographic Data
From "Despite efforts to become more diverse, minorities remain underrepresented to v […]
Washington State Senate
1 month ago
Victim-Blaming No More: Washington State Helps Prostitutes Clear Charges
From "The governor has signed a bill into law that would allow victims of sex traffic […]
Data image 1s and 0s
1 month ago
How Artificial Intelligence Is Already Changing Government
From "We don't have enough people to keep up." "We have to go through miles of cas […]
Death Penalty Data
1 month ago
The death penalty has long divided Americans. Here’s why those who oppose it are winning
From the Los Angeles Times: "A series of executions in Arkansas have reignited the long-standing bat […]
1 month ago
When Justice Gets Personal
From The Marshall Project: “Are you Judge Bennett?” "Shopping in the grocery store last month, I […]
1 month ago
Ransomware is on the Rise and Getting More Expensive
From "Incidents of ransomware are becoming more frequent and the cost is rising […]
Marshall Project
1 month ago
Sixty-eight Years Later, Apologies in Lake County
From The Marshall Project: "On a nearby television monitor, she could see Rep. Bobby DuBose […]
New Scotland Yard
1 month ago
The police are looking for more detectives in London — no experience necessary
From Business Insider: "London continues to change and so do its criminals. Increasing complex crime […]
Animated map
1 month ago
How to Catch Hackers? Old-School Sleuthing, With a Digital Twist
From The New York Times: "Bank robbers wear masks and escape in vans with stolen license plates. Kid […]
St. Clair Avenue in East Liverpool, Ohio
1 month ago
Police Officer’s Near-Fatal Fentanyl-Contact Overdose Prompts New Concerns
From Route "Police cruisers in East Liverpool come with special protective gear for polic […]
Telecommunications Security
1 month ago
Hackers used a long-neglected vulnerability in phone networks to empty victims’ bank accounts
From Business Insider: "There's a major vulnerability in the way phone networks talk to each other […]
2 months ago
6 Strategies for Digital Transformation That Puts Citizens First
From A recent Adobe commissioned survey revealed that many citizens would rather have a […]
Police Body Cameras
2 months ago
Police Body Cameras Will Do More than Just Record You
From Fast Company:  A week after the 2015 shooting at Bataclan concert hall in France, the Milipol, […]
Rotunda at Oregon State Capital in Salem
2 months ago
One Lax State Can Make the Other 49 Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
From Route Fifty: Many foreign entities have the desire but only four countries have the capacity fo […]
2 months ago
The Vast, Secretive Database that Could Instantly ID You in a Crowd
From Fast “I wasn’t informed when my driver’s license was renewed my photograph w […]
2 months ago
The New, More Powerful Wave of Civilian Oversight of Police
From "In Oakland, Calif., police will soon answer to civilians newly entrusted with […]
2 months ago
The Cyberthreat to Government That’s Lurking in the Shadows
From "Michael Roling, Missouri’s chief information security officer (CISO), knew t […]
2 months ago
How the Feds Plan to Respond to a Hack on the Electric Grid
From Fast Company: "Experts have long warned that the nation’s power grid is potentially vuln […]
Annie Dookhan
2 months ago
20,000 Convicted Drug Offenders’ Cases Will Get Thrown Out Thanks To This Rogue Chemist
From Huffington Post:  "Some 20,000 convicted drug offenders in Massachusetts will likely have […]
Tyrone Werts
2 months ago
After 36 Years in Prison, This Philadelphian Has a Model for Criminal Justice Reform
From "While serving what was supposed to be a life sentence in prison, Tyrone Werts w […]
US Prisoners at Year End
2 months ago
Why Does the US Lead the World in Incarcerations?
[Interactive Graphic] From  "The US holds only 5% of the world’s population but 25% […]
ICE Deports Immigrants
2 months ago
The Mythical Link Between Immigrants and High Crime Rates
From Governing: Donald Trump, the outspoken and disconcertingly blunt president, made the notion tha […]
Emotional Intelligence
2 months ago
Emotional Intelligence Has a Scary Dark Side, Says Science
From Inc.: Most of us pride ourselves on being emotionally intelligent (EQ), but a new study indicat […]
Body Camera
2 months ago
Facial-Recognition Tech Will Make Life a Perpetual Police Line Up for All
From Your privacy is about to be invaded a little more. But this time, it is for you […]
Independent Investigation
2 months ago
79% Want Police Misconduct Investigated by Independent Agencies
From The Cato Institute: 21% of Americans may not agree, but the majority of Americans support in […]
2 months ago
The ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Having a Real Impact on Policing
From the New York Post: The 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which resulted in the “ […]
Cyber Security
2 months ago
Executives Have More Faith in Cyber Defenses than the Cyber Staff
From Government officials and company executives speak more highly of their cybersecuri […]
Stockton Policing
2 months ago
How Stockton Is Using Predictive Policing to Thwart Violent Gun Crimes
From The exploration of evidence-based practices is working well for the police […]
Judicial Emergency
2 months ago
Southern Indiana U.S District Court to Borrow Judges from Wisconsin
From the Indy Star: There is an ongoing “judicial emergency” in the U.S. District Court in th […]
Big Data Cities
2 months ago
A Playbook for how Cities Should Share and Protect Data
From Finding the balance between the sharing and protection of information by cities […]
Bullet Proof Shield
2 months ago
This Bulletproof Shield Was Inspired by Japanese Origami
From Fast Typically bulletproof shields are flat, heavy, and unable to provide total […]
Police in Car
6 months ago
Automated policing within the surveillance state: Future of policing
From "Over the coming decades, new technologies will enable our police forces to see […]
What is a Smart City
6 months ago
Smarter, Better, Faster: Where Smart Cities Are Headed by 2020
From The article covers a wide-ranging discussion regarding the use of sensor […]
Student Studying
6 months ago
Thank Your Universities (Because They’re Filling the Smart Cities Talent Gap)
From the "Because a smart city's success depends so heavily on complex syste […]
Data Image 1s and 0s
6 months ago
Is Predictive Policing Right for Your Smart City?
From the Smart Cities Council: "Predictive policing, the process of using data and analytics to ant […]
Project Lifesaver
6 months ago
The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama has obtained permission to operate its drone for search and rescue missions. (Selma Times Journal)
From The Selma Times Journal: "The Alzheimer's Outreach Group donated a drone to the Dallas County S […]
Data image 1s and 0s
6 months ago
How One City Plans to Get Smarter (and share how they did it with others)
From the Smart Cities Council: "It's the reality so many cities know all too well. Urban populations […]
6 months ago
Sacramento’s Real-Time Crime Center (and why you need one)
From the Smart Cities Council: "Pick a city — any city — and crime is likely at or near the […]
6 months ago
Sahuarita AZ police expect to use drones by December 2016
From the Arizona Daily Star: "The Sahuarita Police Department will be the first police agency in […]
6 months ago
Middlesex Sheriff’s Office in Pennsylvania Has Received Approval to Acquire a Drone (Southside Sentinel)
From The Southside Sentinel: "The drones, purchased with drug forfeiture funds, can be used for s […]
7 months ago
Meet the Man Who Reduced Chronic Homelessness in Utah by 91%
Lloyd Pendelton, director of Utah's Homeless Task Force, recently spoke at TedMed about his evoluti […]
7 months ago
Confidential Informant Article