Upcoming Events (All Times are Eastern Timezone)


11jan1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWelcome to 2018! JCH Webinar Season and What's New

18jan1:00 pm- 2:00 pmThe Brooke Astor Story: Hard-learned lessons that address elder abuse and financial exploitation

18jan3:00 pm- 4:00 pmWriting Performance Reviews the SMART Way

23jan1:00 pm- 2:00 pmDeveloping a PIO Support Program for Families During Mass Casualty Events

25jan1:00 pm- 2:00 pmThe Domestic Violence Pre-Sentencing Investigation: From Start to Finish

26jan1:00 pm- 3:00 pmFEE-BASED WORKSHOP: Grant Writing Made Easy

30jan1:00 pm- 2:00 pmDoes Preparation Equal Prevention? Why Prepare for an Intruder Response Incident


1feb1:00 pm- 2:00 pmPartners in Crime: The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Abuse

1feb3:00 pm- 4:00 pmCybercrime and Defenses: A 101 Introduction To How It Works

6feb1:00 pm- 2:00 pmASSET Management (Humans, Not $$)

13feb1:00 pm- 2:00 pmRecognizing Mental Health Disorders in Others

13feb3:00 pm- 4:00 pmEmploying Background Checks in Your Hiring Process: Legal Requirements vs Current Research

15feb1:00 pm- 2:00 pmModern 311: Engage Citizens and Empower Employees

20feb1:00 pm- 2:00 pmCritical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision Making

22feb1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWhite Nationalists: What Justice Professionals Need to Know

27feb1:00 pm- 2:00 pmEffective Response - The Value of Time During an Intruder Response Incident


1mar1:00 pm- 2:00 pmRecognizing the Link: Using Veterinary Forensics to Support Investigation and Prosecution Efforts

1mar3:00 pm- 4:00 pmLeadership EQ from the Inside Out

6mar1:00 pm- 2:00 pmProviding Wellness Support for Online Child Exploitation Personnel: From website to arrest

13mar1:00 pm- 2:00 pmEmotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement: A Hidden Key for Survival

15mar1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWhat Cops Need to Know about Drug Users to Stay Safe - An Overview

20mar1:00 pm- 2:00 pmChildren as Witnesses in Domestic Violence Cases: Law Enforcement Considerations (Part 1)

22mar1:00 pm- 2:00 pmSupervising the Domestic Violence Offender: What I've Learned from the Field

27mar3:00 pm- 4:00 pmAsk Me Anything: Elder Abuse Prosecutions & Investigations

29mar1:00 pm- 2:00 pmUnderstanding the White Nationalist Shock Troops


3apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pm"The New Normal" - Recovering from an Intruder Response Incident

3apr3:00 pm- 4:00 pmCyber Threat Landscape Update

5apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pmAmbiguous Loss: The impact of missing persons on victims, advocates and judicial system personnel

5apr3:00 pm- 4:00 pmDNA Basics: Understanding DNA Evidence in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

10apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pmAutism and The Justice Community: An Overview

12apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pmIt Takes a Community: Building Community Based Safety Nets for Victims of Elder Abuse

17apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pmReport Writing for Justice Professionals: How to write complex, multisection documents for mixed audiences

19apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pmDeveloping the Individual and Organizational Ethic

24apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pmEffective Use of Teams in Probation & Parole

26apr1:00 pm- 2:00 pmHow Law Enforcement Can Prepare for, Respond to and Manage Hate Rallies


1may1:00 pm- 2:00 pmChildren as Witnesses in Domestic Violence Cases: Prosecutorial Considerations (Part 2)

3may1:00 pm- 2:00 pmCase Supervision Practices

3may3:00 pm- 4:00 pmSerial Murder: Discerning Fact from Fiction

15may3:00 pm- 4:00 pmThe Science of DNA – Simplified! What Law Enforcement and Affiliated Professionals Need to Know

17may1:00 pm- 2:00 pmHow to Understand General Medical Records for your Investigation and Prosecution of Criminal Cases

24may1:00 pm- 2:00 pmOn the Job Threats: Managing the Fear and Panic Response

31may1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWhat Law Enforcement Agencies & Justice Professionals Need to Know about the “Lone Wolf”


7jun1:00 pm- 2:00 pmUnderstanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Dynamics, Tactics, and the Psychology of Sex Offenders

14jun1:00 pm- 2:00 pmComparing Community Models & Responses to Elder Abuse

19jun1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWhat You Need to Know About Cyber Security: Free Resources to Improve Your Understanding


17jul1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWho's Up Next: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth

24jul1:00 pm- 2:00 pmAchieving Upstandership™: How it can help each and all of us realize (elder) justice

26jul1:00 pm- 2:00 pmUnderstanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: An Overview of Typologies, Risk, and Recidivism


2aug1:00 pm- 2:00 pmThe Importance and Role of Building Rapport for Effective Supervision

7aug1:00 pm- 2:00 pmJustice Agencies and Future Planning: Darknet, Cryptocurrencies, and the Blockchain

9aug1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWhat Probation & Parole Professionals Need to Know about Hate Groups

14aug1:00 pm- 2:00 pmUnderstanding Medical Records for Your Child Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Efforts

28aug3:00 pm- 4:00 pmHiring Great People: What Best Predicts the Performance of Law Enforcement Personnel

30aug1:00 pm- 2:00 pmUnderstanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Sex Offender Management and Treatment Strategies


4sep1:00 pm- 2:00 pmCareer Planning: From Academy to Retirement

11sep1:00 pm- 2:00 pm“Officer Why Did You Shoot My Dog?” The Dynamics of Officer Involved Shootings of Dogs

27sep1:00 pm- 2:00 pmManaging Public Criticism: What to Do When Everything Feels Like an Act of Futility


16oct1:00 pm- 2:00 pmCyber Threat Landscape Update

18oct1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWhat Justice Professionals Need to Know about Hate Crime


13nov1:00 pm- 2:00 pmDiverse Generations in Public Safety


4dec1:00 pm- 2:00 pmCyber Metrics for Agency Execs

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