Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release

Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded March 2, 2017
Unit 1 Slidedeck: Pretrial Release
Unit 2 Video: Creating a Culture of Pre-Trial Release

Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release in Arizona: Examining the Use of Bail Bonds and Pretrial Services

As outlined in its Strategic Agenda, Advancing Justice Together, the Arizona Supreme Court promoted the improvement and expansion of evidence based practices to determine pretrial release conditions.  In 2013 Arizona began efforts to pilot the Public Safety Assessment (PSA), an evidence based pretrial risk assessment tool developed by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. After successful implementation in 5 pilot jurisdictions, the PSA was approved for use statewide and is now in use in all 15 Arizona Counties.

This session will include a general discussion of how Arizona began shifting from a culture of detention to a culture of release at the pretrial stage with the implementation of the Public Safety Assessment, the creation of a statewide Pretrial Services Committee, a Special Task Force on Fair Justice For All, an Administrative Code for Evidence Based Pretrial Services and revisions to Court Rules.