One Lax State Can Make the Other 49 Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

Rotunda at Oregon State Capital in Salem

From Route Fifty: Many foreign entities have the desire but only four countries have the capacity for a full-scale U.S. cyber invasion.

In fact, these countries avoid military confrontation preferring to engage their military officers online in an attempt to steal U.S. federal and company secrets. The source of these infiltrations may surprise you — access to seemingly innocent information.

According to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, state governments have more data than federal agencies. So, unprotected health, transportation, utilities usage data, and emails serve as a backdoor into state websites and other systems.

So, even though, all states are vulnerable to cyberattacks hackers only need to breach one state account to be of threat to all others. Is your state’s cybersecurity protocols fully implemented?

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