Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Rating Creation Date
Amy Morgan Subject Matter Expert 12/28/2016
An Introduction to Doctrinal Sharia (Islamic Law): an Interview with Chris Gaubatz Original Article Terrorism Christina McCale 07/03/2017
An Overview of U.S. Efforts to Combat Demand For Prostitution and Trafficking Sex Course Investigation Michael Shively 10/23/2014
Analysis: Undocumented Immigrants Not Linked With Higher Crime Rates Curated Article Immigration, Law Enforcement 06/01/2017
Anthony Coulson Subject Matter Expert 12/19/2016
Applying Business Systems to Evidence Processing: An Interview with Milwaukee PD's Captain David Salazar Original Article Firearms, Forensics, Investigation, Law Enforcement Christina McCale 06/23/2017
Arizona Daily Star Subject Matter Expert 06/12/2017
Autism Awareness for Criminal Justice Professionals: An Interview with Trish Ieraci Original Article Social Services, Training Christina McCale 01/17/2017
Autism Awareness for Justice Professionals Course Social Services Trish Leraci (4) 02/07/2017
Automated policing within the surveillance state: Future of policing Curated Article Information Technology, Law Enforcement 01/09/2017