Sacramento’s Real-Time Crime Center (and why you need one)

Photo Credit: Smart Cities

From the Smart Cities Council:

“Pick a city — any city — and crime is likely at or near the top of the list of citizen concerns. But while most citizens in most cities are worried about crime, Sacramento actually has a crime problem. Rates of murders, rapes and robberies all climbed last year – and by amounts greater than that of any other major city.

Sacramento is trying a number of different things to bring crime down, but what’s notable is that it’s bringing all of those different things together in one system. The police department’s new Real-Time Crime Center is really a model of what a smart city should do on a large scale. Everything from camera footage to gunshot detection information streams into a single system that helps officers anywhere make people safer. The power isn’t any one tactic; it’s all of them working together for good.”

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