Smarter, Better, Faster: Where Smart Cities Are Headed by 2020

What is a Smart City

From The article covers a wide-ranging discussion regarding the use of sensors in city development, how data is being used to predict citizens and occupants’ needs, and how data will predict the future.  Section 4 of the article, “Safe and Secure Cities Will Mitigate Risk will be of particular interest to law enforcement, security, and justice personnel:

“The two major pillars of all Smart and Safe Cities are Public Safety and Transportation. Looking forward, Public Safety will evolve beyond on-the-ground law enforcement and reactionary responses to proactive methods of risk mitigation leveraging predictive analytics.”

“Security platforms today are able to provide situational awareness to state and local governments through monitoring city transportation systems with a web-based architecture. Through this type of monitoring, security hubs around a city are able to integrate their systems to pull in data that flags “risks,” such as an unauthorized vehicle near an event, suspicious activity on social media, a building or subway fire, street flooding or snow and ice hazards.”

“One timely example of this is Boston, where city officials have created a data center that focuses solely on snow and ice management during the winter months. From their experiences with massive snow storms in recent winters, this new approach helps with coordinating snow plows, salting the streets, and managing weather-related traffic problems and safety emergencies. Operators can then filter through the situations and prioritize those that are most urgent based on their requirements.”

Looking ahead, the authors say “Each factor of individual, community, and city-wide life will be correlated and translated to help law enforcement; city and federal governments and businesses cut costs, increase efficiency and improve overall satisfaction. The applications for IoT are endless, ranging from supply chain management to public safety to future city initiatives and more.”

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