Strangulation in Domestic Violence

Strangulation in Domestic Violence
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded March 22, 2017
Unit 1 Slidedeck: Strangulation in Domestic Violence
Unit 2 Strangulation in Domestic Violence

The crime of strangulation hasn’t always been given its due.

The prevailing attitude towards strangulation for decades was “if it didn’t kill the victim, then things will be ok.”

It’s easy to understand how this crime can be so misunderstood. A San Diego City Attorney’s study shows that only 15% of the non-fatal strangulation cases had photographable injuries. But 89% of those victims had had a history of strangled.

With history, research, and tracking, strangulation is becoming seen as a crime on par with every other form of abuse and assault.  Currently, 41 states have strangulation-specific statutes.

During this course you will  learn about:

  • the short and long term effects of strangulation on the human body,
  • the collection of evidence in strangulation assault
  • and how justice professionals can work best together to overcome special hurdles in such cases at trial.
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