Developing a Prosecution Strategy Utilizing Crime Gun Intelligence


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In a report published by the Police Foundation and Major Cities Chiefs Association in January, 2017, major city and county law enforcement executives stated that of all of the tools and resources available to them in preventing and reducing violent crime, specifically gun violence, ballistic imaging tools were the most helpful, followed by gun tracing tools.


To create the best possible conditions for a successful prosecution in a case involving crime guns and ballistic evidence, it is imperative that there is a strong partnership between the investigators, forensic experts and prosecutors.  In this final installment of our 6-part crime gun intelligence webinar series in 2017, Prosecutors from two different jurisdictions will describe how they utilize specific intelligence to build prosecutions, give examples of cases and discuss how they have set out to change the mind-set of prosecuting the “regular old shootings.”  The presenters will also discuss:


  •          Why it is critical that communication between prosecutors, investigators and forensic experts begins at the outset of a case
  •          The importance of establishing formal policies and processes to ensure the timely analysis of evidence
  •          How to work collaboratively to triage cases and how to  identify the most violent offenders

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Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology is a leader in forensic analysis providing innovative and effective solutions like its unique technology: the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS®). IBIS is designed to find the “needle in the haystack” by discovering matches between pairs of spent bullets and cartridge cases at speeds well beyond human capacity. Forensic Technology helps experts obtain timely information so they can make society a safer place.


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