Effective Use of Teams in Probation & Parole


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The probation field is difficult to attack alone. Using “supervision teams” is a strategy that has been popularized nationally in the probation field by the increased success of Specialty Courts, including Drug Courts. Specialty Courts have continued to improve on strategies to assist probationers in making positive behavior change.

There are important factors for these teams to be successful. Possibly the most important is communication. Another important aspect of utilizing teams in supervision is having a cohesive goal for all involved.  The panelists will provide evidence for the use of teams in the supervision process, as well as personal experiences working in supervision teams.


The panelists will cover the following learning objectives:

  • How the use of supervision teams will assist in the successful supervision of offenders.
  • Effective strategies used by supervision teams to aid in positive behavior change
  • How to avoid pitfalls of having multiple members involved in the supervision process.
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