How Seattle’s “Democracy Vouchers” Inspired Citizen Engagement


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In November 2015, Seattle voters approved Initiative 122, enacting several campaign finance reforms. The most significant reform put in place a Democracy Voucher program, providing public financing of campaigns for candidates seeking the office of Mayor, City Attorney or City Council. By late 2016, the means to enable the rules of Initiative 122 were put in place for the 2017 election year. There is currently no other jurisdiction in the nation conducting this type of campaign financing.  

The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission (SEEC) is the sponsoring City of Seattle entity for the Democracy Voucher program.

On the first business day of the municipal election year, each registered voter in the City of Seattle is mailed 4 paper vouchers valued at $25 each to assign to a candidate of their choice. Once the voucher is signed and validated, the monetary value is released to the campaign. Vouchers are also available by request to residents of Seattle who are eligible to contribute to campaigns

Join us to learn the ins and outs of delivering this type of program as René LeBeau, the Manager of the Democracy Voucher program and Julie Light, Seattle IT Dynamics Program Manager, talk about the trials and tribulations from Solution Selection and implementation to the success of the program.


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