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For many people, when word “gangs” is mentioned, one thinks of groups of criminals in society.  What is often forgotten is that “gangs” – or “security threat groups” – are a very real, and dangerous part of the corrections environment, with the National Gang Crime Research Center reporting a 25.9% gang density of newly arriving inmates.

While this same study says 74.9% of all American prisons have rules specifically prohibiting gang recruitment among other inmates, 94% of all responding prison professionals indicated prison is where gangs do recruit/get new members.

This presence of Security Threat Groups play a role in staff safety, with:

  • 25% of prisons reporting that gang members have accounted for staff assaults,
  • almost half account for threats to staff,
  • and in general, accounting for roughly one-third (33.7%) of all management problems in prisons and jails.

During this webinar, participants will learn the leading techniques for management of security threat groups (gangs) in a correctional environment.  Specific topics will include:

  • STG v Street Gangs
  • Identification Process
  • Classification
  • Management during Incarceration
  • Documentation
  • Current Trends
  • Policy v Practice
  • Pro-Active Programs


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