What is ERP and Why Justice Agencies Should Care: Running your agency cost effectively and efficiently using technology

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Justice agency finance teams are under constant pressure to deliver better outcomes for their leadership and constituents. The problem is, many enterprise-wide financial systems of record don’t meet agency-specific needs. To compensate, teams are forced to operate through a fragmented assortment of complementary systems and processes.  There will often be a need for agency-level financial tools but the standard bearers (Excel, homegrown apps, etc.) are becoming more risky and less sustainable.

Learn how modern, cloud-based finance solutions can boost your agency’s performance and mitigate.  In this session, you’ll hear how your peers:

  • Create efficiencies by digitizing time-consuming tasks and creating integration points
  • Reduce financial risk by aggregating data and creating a single source of truth
  • Deliver valuable business insights and answer questions about your business


This webinar is sponsored by Microsoft Dynamics, specializing in end-to-end software, services and cloud solutions. The company helps clients in the areas of customer engagement, finance and operations, and human capital management.

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