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This training module encourages and equips Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Professionals, and t […]
Making Your Words An Asset Not A Liability: How To Improve What You Say and How You Say It
With up to 80% of all organizational problems rooted in poor communication, employees and supervisor […]
Alcohol, Drugs, and Rural Communities
Rural communities face unique challenges in dealing with alcohol misuse and drug use violations. Thi […]
Urban Wildlife 101
Understanding why and how wild animals thrive in urbanized areas is important to resolving conflicts […]
4 days ago
Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristic behaviors, challenges, and tips for successful interactions
The goal of this webinar is to familiarize professionals working in the justice system with the beha […]
4 days ago
The Public Relations Aspect of Law Enforcement: Creating Internal Agency Buy-In within Your
As a law enforcement agency, external communication is important to garnering support from your comm […]
5 days ago
How to Talk about Elder Abuse
Over the past few years, the FrameWorks Institute worked with the National Center on Elder Abuse to […]
6 days ago
Saving Our Heroes and Their Families From The Pain of Suicide
This webinar will combine the mental health education of Amy Morgan, MSC (Academy Hour) with the law […]
6 days ago
Equine Cruelty 101
Equine husbandry standards vary based on geography, housing, size, age, and a host of other factors. […]
11 days ago
Enhancing Leadership Skills
This course provides highlights and key points from Dr Fox’s book “The Ultimate Guide to Excelle […]
11 days ago
Sex, Lies, and Videotape: What every enforcement officer needs to know about bestiality
Arrests for bestiality are on the rise. If it hasn't occurred in your jurisdiction yet, it likely wi […]
12 days ago
Writing Winning Grant Proposals for a Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy
In 2017, over $700 billion dollars of grant money was awarded to various agencies and organizations […]
13 days ago
Investigating and Prosecuting Sex Trafficking Cases in Tribal Communities
Tribal communities, like all other communities, can be impacted by sex trafficking. Victims of sex t […]
13 days ago
First Amendment, Social Media and Employee Discipline
It seems nearly every week popular media reports cases of situations where public employees post a s […]
18 days ago
Capturing Great Mug Shots – Why Quality Matters
This webinar will outline the enhanced features of the FBI's Next Generation Identification, Interst […]
18 days ago
Therapy K9’s: Changing the way law enforcement reaches their communities
Policing in a ‘post-Ferguson’ world has left many law enforcement agencies asking how they can b […]
19 days ago
Are We Speaking the Same Language? Leveraging Conversational Language to Engage Clients
How do you set your client up for the best level of success? One crucial factor for optimizing clien […]
20 days ago
Rights of Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies and other Law Enforcement Professionals
As a law enforcement officer, you must serve and protect. But what rights do police officers, sherif […]
20 days ago
School Resource Officers: Conducting Formal Security and Vulnerability Assessments
In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of conducting a formal security and vulnerability as […]
25 days ago
Animal Hoarding: What Criminal Justice Professionals Need to Know
Animal Hoarding affects communities across the globe. Although it is not a new phenomenon, authoriti […]

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8 days ago
Thoughts on Communication from cFive’s Jim Newman
In our efforts to communicate so many things -- it's easy to forget that sometimes people can quickl […]
8 days ago
Thoughts on Trust and Understanding from cFive’s Jim Newman
Building trust and understanding is a critical skill for professionals -- especially for those in th […]
8 days ago
Thoughts on Client Communications from Herb Sinkinson
Understanding how to communicate with clients is critical - particularly when it may not be informat […]
8 days ago
Thoughts on Skill Building from Dr. Kimberly Miller
Reading books, attending trainings (or webinars!) are all great ideas for expanding your knowledge. […]
8 days ago
Thoughts on Investigations from Peter Bellmio
Love this reminder from staffing expert Peter Bellmio made during his webinar, Staffing Analysis for […]
23 days ago
After the Webinar: How Justice Agencies Can Implement and Benefit from Sentinel Event Reviews. Q&A with the Presenters
Webinar presenters Dr. Mallory O'Brien and John Hollway answered a number of your questions after th […]
23 days ago
After the Webinar: Using Your Words, Communicating Your Authority. Q&A with Karin Montejo
Webinar presenter Karin Montejo answered a number of your questions after her presentation, Using Yo […]
23 days ago
After the Webinar: Wildlife and Rabies. Q&A with HSUS’ John Griffin
Webinar presenter John Griffin answered a number of your questions after his presentation, Wildlife […]
23 days ago
After the Webinar: Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System. Q&A with Dan Phillips
Webinar presenter Dr. Dan Phillips answered a number of your questions after his presentation, Menta […]
1 month ago
Thoughts on Animal Welfare from Diane Robinson
  Whether a domestic violence situation, the challenges of poverty, or even being evacuated […]