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3 days ago
The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Abuse: Understanding the link to help investigate and prosecute your cases
“Batterers who also abuse their pets are both more controlling and use more dangerous forms of vio […]
3 days ago
How Speech Recognition Technology is Transforming Police Reporting
An exceeding number of police departments and law enforcement agencies, whose officers spend upwards […]
3 days ago
Communication Skills for All Occasions
The purpose of this course is to help better understand and use excellent communication skills be th […]
3 days ago
Bad Dogs, Bad Dogs, Whatcha Gonna Do? The Designation and Regulation of Vicious/Dangerous Dogs
Dog bites and attacks occur on a daily basis and, when they do, the communities demand that action b […]
10 days ago
Report Writing for Probation Officers
When a person decides to be a part of the world of criminal justice, they are generally drawn in by […]
10 days ago
A Duty to Protect: Mental Health Care to the Incarcerated
There is a mental illness crisis plaguing jails all over the US. More and more of the inmates being […]
10 days ago
Introduction to the Inductive Interview System
With law enforcement tactics under intense scrutiny by the public, the courts, and the media, it is […]
1 month ago
Keeping Your Super Heroes Super
Taking on the job in the public sector means being ready to be of service to the people. For those w […]
1 month ago
Excited Delirium and Agitated Chaotic Events: Recognizing, Responding, and Preventing Sudden, In-Custody Deaths
Calls for service for law enforcement can get totally random and unexpected. There are slow days whe […]
1 month ago
Animal Cruelty Investigations and Prosecutions
Animal cruelty is now recognized as a legitimate crime and has been gaining more and more support fr […]

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6 days ago
Thoughts on Interviewing from Sheriff Ray Nash (ret)
Interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects is a critical skill for Law Enforcement officials. Duri […]
6 days ago
Thoughts about Interviewing Suspects from Sheriff Ray Nash (ret)
During his webinar, "Introduction to the Inductive Interview System," Sheriff Ray Nash (ret) of Poli […]
7 days ago
Thoughts on Probation from David Rogers
Such a great thought from David Rogers of the Tribal Public Safety Innovations made during his webin […]
7 days ago
Thoughts on Incarceration from Carrie Hill
We loved this quote from Carrie Hill of the National Sheriffs Association made during his webinar, " […]
15 days ago
After the Webinar: Animal Cruelty Investigations and Prosecutions. Q&A with Jessica Rock
Webinar presenter Jessica Rock answered a number of your questions after her presentation, "Animal C […]
24 days ago
After the Webinar: Excited Delirium and Agitated Chaotic Events. Q&A with the Speakers
Webinar presenters Carrie Hill and Dr. John Peters answered a number of your questions after their p […]
24 days ago
After the Webinar: Keeping Your Super Heroes Super. Q&A with Dr. Kimberly Miller
Webinar presenter Dr. Kimberly Miller answered a number of your questions after her presentation, "K […]
29 days ago
Five Considerations for Working with Immigrant Victims of Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is a crime many people in immigrant communities face. While there is very little data […]
30 days ago
After the Webinar: Patrol Staffing Analysis Tools. Q&A with Peter Bellmio
Webinar presenter Peter Bellmio answered a number of your questions after his presentation, “Patr […]
30 days ago
After the Webinar: Missing Children via Online Luring. Q&A with Bobby Ladson
Webinar presenter Bobby Ladson answered a number of your questions after his presentation, "Missing […]

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