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We are very excited you are interested in an individual paid subscription with the Justice Clearinghouse.

Subscription Includes:

  • Unlimited Access to over 500 Hours of Recorded Webinars

  • Access to Speaker Presentation Materials

  • Access to Speaker Handouts and Other Mentioned Materials

  • The ability to generate Certificates of Attendance

  • Access to Detailed Webinar Notes/Workbook

  • Ability to Submit Presenter Questions in Advance of their Webinar (Especially if you Cannot Attend the Live Event)

  • Priority registration access to over 100 new events every year

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Two Subscription Options

Justice Clearinghouse - Monthly Subscription

Unless we hear otherwise, your account be automatically charged $15 each month.

Justice Clearinghouse - Annual Subscription

Unless we hear otherwise, we will automatically renew on your annual anniversary date.

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    We will create your account within 24 hours.We will send an email with your login information within 24 hours.

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    We will fully refund the subscription amount.Within the first seven days of your subscription, if you decide to not keep your account let us know and we will fully refund the subscription amount. Neither full nor partial refunds are available after the first seven days.

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    Account Cancellation.Cancel your account at http://justiceclearinghouse.com/cancel-subscription/

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