Workshop: Recognizing Common Mental Health Issues

Recognizing Common Mental Health Issues in Others Workshop

Recognizing the Mental Health Issues in Others is a training workshop that will help a non-therapist recognize basic signs and symptoms of the most commonly found mental illnesses and disorders. Being able to recognize these basic signs can make a significant different in how a situation or an individual is managed, particularly for those in public safety and responder roles. The response to an individual with one specific disorder may need to be completely different than the response to someone with a different disorder. Knowing the right response and the best way to interact could mean the difference between escalation or a successful interaction. While attendees of this workshop won’t be able to perform a full assessment on an individual the way a clinician would, this course will teach attendees what to look for and how some disorders affect the thoughts and perceptions of things around them. With this information, attendees will be better equipped to use the right type of response to the behavior associated with each disorder.


Mental Health Seminar Syllabus

Session 1: Wed, Sept 25, 3p ET

In this session we’ll first talk about the differences between the average person’s mental health issues and those with diagnosable disorders & illnesses. We will also start looking at specific disorders and the signs, symptoms, and recommended interactions for each, including:

  1. Schizophrenia
  2. PTSD / Trauma
  3. Bipolar
  4. Anxiety & Panic Disorders
Homework will include practice scenarios for application of the interaction lesson, which will help reinforce how best to engage with someone who is dealing with mental health challenges.

Session 2: Wed, Oct 2, 3 p ET

In the second workshop session we will look at a different perspective on diagnosing mental health illnesses and disorders, and will discuss the stigma attached to mental health concerns and treatment. We will continue looking at different disorders in this session, including:

  1. Personality Disorders
  2. Phobias
  3. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  4. Depression
  5. Suicidal Ideation
Homework will include further practice scenarios for practical application of the material, as well as a quick post-test for reinforcement of learning.

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This seminar series will be presented through remote webinars using the GoToWebinar network. You will be able to attend the sessions from any internet connected computer.

Each session will be recorded and this recording will be made available to registrants for 30 days following conclusion of all sessions.

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