Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
 ISIS and Local Street Gangs Series (Part 5): Spread of ISIS Gangs and Implications for Security in U.S. communities Original Article Original Article, Terrorism Roger Patterson 01/09/2018
“Legal” Drug Use through Chemistry An Overview of the Synthetic Drug Dilemma Course Course, Drugs Tate Yeatman 04/16/2015
“Officer Why Did You Shoot My Dog?” The Dynamics of Officer Involved Shootings of Dogs Course Animal Abuse, Course, Law Enforcement, NACA, National Sheriffs Association, NSA Certified John Thompson 09/11/2018
“Shadow War”: State Sponsored Terrorism & Threats to Local Communities Original Article Original Article, Terrorism Roger Patterson 05/29/2018
“The New Normal” – Recovering from an Intruder Response Incident Course Active Shooter, Course Mark Warren 04/11/2018
101 Introduction to How Cybercrime and Cyber Defenses Actually Work Course Course, CyberThreats, Information Technology Stacey A. Wright 02/01/2018
11 Things to Keep In Mind Managing Confidential Informants Original Article Ethics, Investigation, Prosecutor 02/10/2017
12 Real Considerations to Prepare for Your Virtual Meeting Original Article Organizational Management, Original Article Natasha Terk 06/23/2018
2013 Colorado Floods, Boulder’s Emergency Animal Air Rescues: A Military and Animal Control Collaboration Course Animal Abuse, Course, Law Enforcement, Mass Casualty-Crisis Management, NACA, NACA Certified, National Sheriffs Association Janee’ Boswell 05/23/2019
42% of Respondents Have Been Both Verbally & Physically Abused on the Job Original Article Law Enforcement, National Center For Jail Operations, NSA Targeted, Original Article, Prison 01/28/2019