Abusive Head Trauma for Prosecutors & Investigators (Part 1)

Abusive Head Trauma for Prosecutors & Investigators
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-01-31
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Abusive Head Trauma for Prosecutors & Investigators (Part 1)
Unit 2 Recording: Abusive Head Trauma for Prosecutors & Investigators (Part 1)

Abusive head trauma/inflicted traumatic brain injury cases (formerly “shaken baby syndrome”) are among the most difficult child physical abuse cases to prosecute.  Investigators & prosecutors are often overwhelmed when attempting to understand the anatomy and basic medical concepts involved.  This presentation is designed to provide investigators & prosecutors with a good working knowledge of the anatomy and other medical aspects of abusive head trauma.

Part 1 will cover the history of the Abusive Head Trauma concept in the medical literature,  terminology, statistics, sentinel injuries in infants (concerning non specific injuries) abd the reasons infants and young children are so at risk for injury.    We will then discuss types of brain injuries (focal vs. diffuse, primary vs. secondary), neck injuries, injuries to the brain matter itself (parenchymal injuries, diffuse axonal injuries), bleeding in the head, and how infants and young children present after injury.    Finally, we will discuss the medical assessment protocol for AHT injuries.

This presentation is best attended before the April webinar, “Untrue Medical Defenses in Abusive Head Trauma & How to Deal with Them,” unless the attendee is a professional with significant experience in AHT.

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