Brady Giglio: What Justice Professionals Need to Know

Brady Giglio: What Justice Professionals Need to Know
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-09-26
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In Brady v. Maryland and United States v. Giglio and a series of subsequent cases the Supreme Court placed affirmative duties on prosecutors and later law enforcement to disclose exculpatory information to criminal defense counsel. In this webinar, we explore the history and evolution of these cases to get to the newest issue being litigated in courts throughout the country of the impact of disciplinary actions against public employees and the government’s Brady/Giglio obligations. If you have heard the terms Brady List or Giglio cop and want to know more this session is for you. If you have not heard these terms then this webinar is even more significant for you. This webinar can be particularly useful as a vehicle for law enforcement, their personnel attorneys and prosecutors to participate in together as it may create the chance for a dynamic discussion of options.



Audience Comments:

  • “Very informative webinar on a subject that I was not very familiar with. Thank you!” — Roseann
  • “Overwhelming information. It gives you a lot to think about. Great presentation – enjoyed it very much.” — Carrie
  • “Mr. Hodsdon was very knowledgeable and relayed the information in a relaxed, easy to understand manner. He mentioned some case law I had never been aware of before.” — Darrell
  • “How the definition of disclosure material has changed through the subsequent Supreme Court Decisions to where the word “Brady” on a witness’ record can render them virtually unemployable in a law enforcement capacity. This seems like a big negative but can have an effect of creating a new era of enhanced integrity in the law enforcement community never seen before. If the truth sets your free, then “lying is truly dying.” — John
  • “There were some very thought-provoking questions raised!” — Liddie



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