Case Studies in Law Enforcement Encounters with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Case Studies in Law Enforcement Encounters with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-02-04
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Case Studies in Law Enforcement Encounters with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Unit 2 Recording: Case Studies in Law Enforcement Encounters with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

This webinar will briefly describe the characteristics of individuals on the autism spectrum as well as a brief description of common situations in which individuals with autism encounter law enforcement officers.  We will then explore strategies for successfully interacting with individuals with autism within the context of several case studies of actual encounters across settings from traffic stops to high-risk warrant arrests.  Participants will be asked to brainstorm and problem-solve multiple alternative response options as part of reviewing the scenarios.  By the end of the webinar, participants should be able to identify specific strategies that can be used to support successful interactions with individuals on the spectrum and how those strategies can be applied across a variety of real-world situations and settings.


This is the fourth of a 4 part series, including:


Audience Comments:

  • “That he explained where the areas of improvements were for law officers as well as what they did correctly. This was very relevant to police officer roles. — Alexandra
  • “We are a group of behavior analysts in Wisconsin. This webinar was a good conversation-starter for how we can connect with others in our community to help support our clients and others on the spectrum.” — Amelia
  • “It was helpful to learn how to approach those on the autism spectrum because this is not often discussed in trainings.” — Brandi
  • “Feedback on actual cases is a great so we can see how the initial contact is so important when dealing with individuals.” — Charmaine
  • “I learned a lot. Really opened my eyes on how to handle this clientele of people.” — Ebeth
  • “Not just one thing – his wealth of knowledge was evident. His examples, explanations, and case reviews really put things in place.” — Janette
  • “I really liked this that the speaker said: “Protocol exists for a reason but so does judgment… if you recognize something isn’t working, are you willing to adapt?” — Nekame
  • “Excellent webinar. Information to be used in many disciplines!” –Nancy


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