Community Coordinated Responses: The Key to Getting Your Communities Onboard

Community Coordinated Responses: The Key to Getting Your Communities Onboard
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-03-31
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Community Coordinated Responses
Unit 2 Recording: Community Coordinated Responses

Community involvement can drastically improve the effectiveness of law enforcement.  Getting the community involved and onboard with various programs can be difficult at times.  This webinar will cover ways law enforcement agencies can gain community support for various initiatives.

  • Learn about community coordinated programs that have been effective
  • Learn different tactics to gain community involvement
  • Know the importance of good community relations and how it applies to law enforcement practice



Audience Comments

  • “I’m not LEO, but a probation officer, but the information provided could be used for other agencies outside of LEO.” — Ronna
  • “Great resource link, love the practical steps at the end.” — Nicoya
  • “Great webinar! I took so much away, however just the facts and order of how to get everything implemented was of great help. Chris has so much knowledge.” — Kellie
  • “This webinar was far from the typical CCR. I liked his stance on including more than the criminal justice system. We are trying to implement something similar that is more culturally specific but on the same line. He has so much experience on the subject, I would like to hear from him again. Maybe something on the line of law enforcement collaborative initiatives to create safer communities.” — Kim
  • “The author was very well-versed on his subject. Well done!” — Kimberly
  • “Very helpful webinar.” — Karen
  • “The importance of including citizens and communities when developing policies and procedures related to policing techniques. Great topic!” — Kelsey



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