Investigating Cold Case Sexual Assault

Investigating Cold Case Sexual Assault
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded October 11, 2014
Unit 1 Video


Backlogged rape kits, untested sexual assault evidence, unsolved and forgotten rape cases, it has been called many things, but today more than ever law enforcement has been under the microscope for their handling of these cases. Whether you are a small or large law enforcement agency this issue has affected us, kept justice from the victims of rape, and not held offenders accountable for their crime. Today, new technology, DNA databases, smarter investigators, and specialized resources provides police everywhere the opportunity to resolve these cases.

This webinar looks at this important issue and provide a variety of current agency practices across the country. Attendees will be presented with an essential plan on how they can successfully identify, investigate, and manage their cold case sexual assaults.