Creating and Maintaining a Professional Workforce: Managing Difficult People and Dealing with Negativity in the Workplace

Creating and Maintaining a Professional Workforce: Managing Difficult People and Dealing with Negativity in the Workplace
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-03-25
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Creating and Maintaining a Professional Workforce
Unit 2 Recording: Creating and Maintaining a Professional Workforce

The purpose of this course is to explore what might make people difficult and or negative in the workplace and beyond and to offer ways to manage such employees. We will examine ways to create and maintain a positive and professional workplace. Hiring, discipline, training, policy administration, leadership, and the human element will be discussed. Options for dealing with a disruptive employee and behavior will be discussed.


Audience Comments

  • “Holy cow, this was THE BEST WEBINAR!!! Seriously, this presenter was amazing and his information was completely relevant, interesting, and kept my attention the entire time. I give him a 20/10!!” — Christina
  • “This was easily in the top five best webinars to date. It could have easily gone on for a longer period of time to cover more of the topic. Jeff had an amazingly simple format to follow, real-life experiences to supplement and support his presentation. I will be attending future webinars of his!” — Christopher
  • “Absolutely one of the best webinars to date, JCH! Although I’m not a supervisor, I am an employee in a rather negative environment. Thanks to the presentation, I now know what I need to do, have some ideas on how to do it and more importantly, I have mantras to help me get through the days. Thanks again.” — Alexia
  • “I am dealing with many of the same issues discussed with the staff I supervise as well as other staff not currently assigned to me. It was much-needed insight and advice.” — Bruno
  • “EXCELLENT Instructor with common-sense solutions! THANK YOU! He’s the kind of boss you want to work for!” — Roseann
  • “The speaker provided great examples of types of difficult behavior and how he managed them. This was very informative.” — Anita
  • “Very good pacing. Very engaging speaker.” — Chance
  • “The information was all very informative and valid BUT I really liked the questions at the end. As a trainer, we are always looking for new curriculum to develop that will be beneficial to everyone. The questions help to see what we are missing as far as training and it helped me to see what further information i can research in addition to the PP presentation.” — EDNA
  • “Goodness! I learned so much. But most importantly I learned how to “deal” with negative people. How to approach them from an “eagles eye” perspective. And most importantly not to ignore the situation or behavior because that affects the workplace. Thank you, I would love to hear more from this presenter and I loved his pace. He’s had plenty of experience and can make it relevant to any workplace. Thank you!” — Kim
  • “This is by far the best webinar I have attended for a while. Perhaps because I needed to hear it, to keep myself in check and to have great suggestions to deal with the ones I interact with daily. Thank you!” — Karyn
  • “The presenter was extremely knowledgeable regarding this topic. He displayed enthusiasm as well as being direct and to the point. I think it was great advice to hold people accountable for their actions/inactions in the workplace and how it can contribute to a positive or negative environment.” — Stacy
  • “Jeff was a great presenter. I liked how he kept things moving. It was all interesting and useful and obviously needed. I liked his tips for staying positive as it can be a challenge for me at times.” — Tracy



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