Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Managing the Narcissistic, Coercive and Controlling DV Offender

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Managing the Narcissistic, Coercive and Controlling DV Offender
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-03-25
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Unit 2 Recording: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Many IPV offenders abstain from outward aggression and violence in order to manipulate and control their victims. They instead choose to utilize tactics of control through their attitudes and behaviors that are oftentimes not illegal and often leave the victim feeling as though they are going crazy. These offenders also often present themselves within the public context as being upstanding citizens, charming and devoted to their families when behind closed doors, it is described as being a nightmare for their families.

This training will present key tactics that these offenders often use against their partners as well as provide insight to those providers and first responders who come into contact with them as well as how to confront and challenge these behaviors to increase offender accountability and victim safety.


Audience Comments

  • The information provided was very topic related and extremely detailed. Thank you for sharing. — Angela
  • The presentation provided me with a better understanding and reasons behind the behaviors of the clients that I assist. — Beth
  • I am a non-DV paralegal and back up for the DV paralegal in my department – so basically everything discussed was new to me. I appreciated this webinar and value the knowledge I gained from it. — Cyndi
  • Very nicely presented with interesting new perspectives on material I know well. Sara’s knowledge and calm demeanor must be a boon for victims. Probation was fortunate to have her, and I am glad she is presenting this information to so many. Thank YOU. — Jacquelin
  • I appreciate the perspective from an offender management side rather than only victim services. It helps show that this is a comprehensive understanding and a comprehensive approach is necessary. — Gina
  • Sara is very knowledgeable on perpetrators behaviors and does an excellent job presenting. I had never heard of the Dark Triad Traits and will be looking into this more. — Jennifer
  • The resources were phenomenal in this webinar! Thank you for also providing copies of conditions of probation. This is useful to look at to get ideas about conditions we can implement. — Jodi
  • The most valuable thing I took from this webinar is that I now have a better understanding of the offenders behaviors and I can relate to my victims better when they tell me what they have gone through and how they have felt when dealing and living with offenders. — Shelby


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