EQ for Dispatchers

EQ for Dispatchers
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-03-17
Unit 1 Slide Deck: EQ for Dispatchers
Unit 2 Recording: EQ for Dispatchers

Telecommunicators are the life-line of any law enforcement agency.  They are the connection between citizens in need and the officer /deputy on the street.  Due to their unique position, they are inundated with constant stress, often without an effective way to release it.  This accumulation of stress can lead to burn-out, apathy, increased sick-time or at its peak the on-set of PTSD.

The question is how to provide a coping strategy for the telecommunicator and increase their professional development.  The answer is  Emotional Intelligence.

The practice of Emotional Intelligence through the process of mindfulness provides the telecommunicator with strategies to deal with chronic stress accumulation, restoring empathetic understanding and further developing their communication skills.

This engaging webinar provides the telecommunicator with strategies to combat stress, reduce burn-out, re-ignite their “why” and increase their emotional intelligence competencies.


Audience Comments

  • “Very knowledgeable speaker! An interesting and very important topic, especially for decision-makers doing the hiring! EQ is more important than IQ for our line of work!” — Roseann
  • “Really liked breathing techniques.” 🙂 — Cari
  • “I love the part that very specifically addresses EQ and how body language and things can make a difference.” –Jeanne
  • “Thank you for creating content specific to dispatch! It is an often-overlooked field!” — Mickie


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