Eric Witzig

Eric Witzig is a retired homicide detective for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department. He went on to serve as a crime analyst and supervisor for the FBI, including assignments at the Bureau’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP).  He graduated from The American University after majoring in political science and joined the District of Columbia’s police on June 16, 1969. He was appointed to the Homicide Branch, Criminal Investigation Division in 1979. Among his cases were the crash of Air Florida’s Flight 90 and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. He was trained in criminal personality profiling by FBI profiler John Douglas in 1985. After retiring from D.C. police in 1989, he joined the FBI’s Training Division as a crime analyst in 1990. He became a major case specialist in 1992 and a member of the Critical Incident Response Group in 1995.  Witzig became a Supervisory Intelligence Analyst for the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division in 2004. He retired from the FBI in 2012. He received a master of science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University with a dissertation titled “Observations on the Serial Killer Phenomenon.”

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