Growth as a Post-Trauma Response

Growth as a Post-Trauma Response
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-01-21
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Growth as a Post-Trauma Response
Unit 2 Recording: Growth as a Post-Trauma Response

Trauma can knock us down, but anything that knocks us down also gives us the opportunity to grow.  This webinar will take a deep and serious look at the effects of trauma, and then will also help with the exploration of just how you can take a trauma and use it as a starting place for new growth.  Taking an informed look at the after-effects of trauma, with the knowledge of all of the possibilities, will help you plan a new direction using the trauma as a learning experience.


Audience Comments:

  • “The importance of communicating with others for any trauma experienced. I enjoyed the examples of how trauma was explained as a person walking around with broken ribs, bruised spleen or lungs but on the outside, you don’t see the injury. Great information sharing.” — Zandra
  • “I liked the timeline and realizing you are starting from the trauma point, not starting back at baseline. Very helpful visual to present to people.” — Wendy
  • “Most training I have done focus on the traumatic event, this gives hope of the growth that can come from said event.” — Stephanie
  • “Amy is a great training designer and presenter!” — Paula
  • “I now fully understand what is post-traumatic growth. I’ve been hearing it talked about and I never heard a useable definition. In fact, after hearing what it actually is, I know that very few who I’ve heard say the phrase know it any deeper than the phrase. I very much appreciate Amy Morgan’s approach to this subject. I will look for more webinars taught by Amy.” — Frank
  • “The (potential) value in resulting from traumatic experiences — I noted that “…they usually put into action what is changing about them…”. I find that to be so simple, yet so profound at the same time.” — Schalisa
  • “Differences between “healing” and “growth”. Healing is a process that others can help with. Growth must come from the individual(s) choosing to do so.” — Kaye
  • “Amy is, as always, a tremendous presenter on a subject matter that’s so very important to all LEO and responders. She is and will continue to make a huge difference in this world and make her “wake”. Nicely done.” — Scott


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