How to Talk about Elder Abuse

How to Talk about Elder Abuse
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-11-13
Unit 1 Slide Deck: How to Talk about Elder Abuse
Unit 2 Recording: How to Talk about Elder Abuse

Over the past few years, the FrameWorks Institute worked with the National Center on Elder Abuse to create a communication strategy that demonstrates how we can restructure our communities to put elder abuse on the public agenda, generate a sense of collective efficacy on the issue, and boost support for systemic solutions to prevent and address it. During this webinar, participants will learn about the NCEA’s Reframing Elder Abuse project; review a new evidence-based public communication strategy on elder abuse; and begin learning how to apply it in their communication practices.


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Audience Comments:

  • “The whole new outlook on how the public perceives elder abuse was very eye opening! Thanks so much!” — Paula
  • “I live and work in Ohio, which has a very large aging population. This webinar provided me with valuable information and red flags of abuse that can be passed along to other agency staff and volunteers. Thank you for remembering those over 65!” — Ashley
  • “It was valuable to reframe it in my head as well, and helpful to consider future options in talking to APS clients.” — Carol
  • “When working with individual victims, seeing the bigger picture of justice is very difficult. My organization is kicking off a statewide elder justice coalition in January. This session has reminded me our work also is to recruit strong supports to build an equitable system for elder justice.” — Jeanne
  • “The way to frame the talk on Elder Abuse with being a justice issue. And also how our wording can signal certain messaging that isn’t helpful to bringing people in. I thought the questions/polls were great too; I don’t know that I’ve been in a Webinar that’s done that before.” — Makieya


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