Kids at Hope: Believing, Connecting and Time Traveling in Youth Justice

Kids at Hope: Believing, Connecting and Time Traveling in Youth Justice
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-08-06
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Kids at Hope Believing, Connecting and Time Traveling in Youth Justice
Unit 2 Recording: Kids at Hope: Believing, Connecting and Time Traveling in Youth Justice

Youth justice staff of all levels will learn about the importance of implementing a Kids at Hope cultural belief system.  The research that supports Kids at Hope will be explained, along with details to support practices.  Manitowoc County’s Kids at Hope journey will be shared as it related to being a trauma-focused youth justice system that places an importance on good outcomes for those youth and families involved in the youth justice system.    Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the research that supports the Kids at Hope Philosophy
  • Understand what it means to believe, connect and time travel with youth and families
  • Know how to become a Treasure Hunter.



Stacy Ledvina and Manitowoc County’s Kids at Hope program was the recipient of cFive Solution’s 2018 #Catalyst4Change Award. #Catalyst4Change is cFive’s corporate initiative created to give back to the industry by creating a platform to recognize dynamic individuals in community supervision, share insight on what works, and build awareness and support in the community and beyond.


Audience Comments:

  • “Love both the philosophy and the structure of the program. The presentation was very clear and easy to understand.” — Catharine
  • “Good overview of KAH and how it’s been implemented in another county.” — Cheryl
  • “If you help KIDS you are helping all the community. They are the adults of tomorrow.” — Robert
  • “Hope and belief in our young people can go a long way toward changing the trajectory of a young person’s life.” — Kysten



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