Moral Courage and Ethical Lessons Learned from Iraq’s Most Notorious War Crime

Moral Courage and Ethical Lessons Learned from Iraq’s Most Notorious War Crime
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-02-06
Unit 1 Recording: Moral Courage and Ethical Lessons Learned from Iraq’s Most Notorious War Crime

War zone. Unspeakable crimes. Americans responsible.

What makes one person speak for justice when others stay silent? What happens when accusations lack evidence – and a life hangs in the balance?

Join us for a dynamic interview with Justin Watt, the veteran who reported his fellow Soldiers’ crimes of rape and murder in Iraq’s “Triangle of Death.” We will explore the moral weight of speaking up for justice, the ethical codes professionals live by, the reasons to stay silent, and how ethical actions are a daily discipline. We will also understand how tireless efforts by law enforcement professionals brought justice and averted tragedy.

Together, we will discover how Justin’s courage equips each of us to act for the right, no matter the cost.

The interview questions will be informed by the interests of the participants. All participants in this webinar are invited to shape the conversation by completing a 2-question survey.

After this webinar, participants will:

  • Have a clearer perspective of ethical and moral dilemmas
  • Understand one example of how the justice system produces desired outcomes
  • Understand the complexities involved in whistleblowing
  • Be encouraged to intervene for the right

Resources from the Webinar:

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