Officer Involved Shootings (Part 1)

Officer Involved Shootings (Part 1)
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-01-23
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Officer Involved Shootings (Part 1)
Unit 2 Recording: Officer Involved Shootings (Part 1)

In this three-part webinar series, you will receive an overview and survey of how these cases are being investigated and presented for prosecution consideration, and changing trends in response to community and law enforcement concerns. We will start with discussing options on investigations and planning in advance for these difficult cases. You will also learn of trends in prosecution decision making, the changing role of the grand jury and the interplay between federal and state law.

Evidence collection is a very important topic in the investigation of any potential criminal or civil case and these cases have their own unique issues as well that we will explore. Because these cases are usually high profile we are also going to take the time to address how the records are handled and application of the public records laws.

A major potential witness or witnesses are the officers involved and the statements they may or may not elect to make. Therefore we are going to address practical and legal issues of interviews of officers which means we are going to spend substantial time in the world if Garrity, which is perhaps one of the most misunderstood cases for cops. We intend to cut through all that and by the time we are done you will understand Garrity not only in the context of officer-involved shootings but all other misconduct investigations as well.

Finally, we will address the different forum issues that arise in these cases and the criminal, civil liability, licensing and personnel complications that officers and agencies may face in dealing with these cases.

This case should be particularly useful for both criminal justice officers and the civil attorneys and criminal prosecutors who work with them.

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Audience Comments:

  • “Good information to think about and take back and research your local laws, policies, and procedures.” — Truman
  • “Rick is a most valuable informed presenter. The thoughts and ideas presented today are universal in nature with all police departments in the democratic world. With democratic freedoms come responsibilities and accountabilities. Significant attention must be directed to create credible processes to deal with public safety initiatives. I agree with Rick about the planning approach so that as events evolve some processes have already been established. It provides significant guidance for agencies.” — Orville
  • “A ‘must’ class for every Police Officer.” — Robert
  • “Awesome webinar. Thank you.” — Imelda
  • “Very much appreciated the tie to trends seen in the area of prosecutions these days and the reasons for them.” — Brittney
  • “The information regarding grad juries was very interesting. Mr. Hodsdon was very knowledgeable and had good delivery…nice work.” –Ashley



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