Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: An Overview of Typologies, Risk, and Recidivism Course Course, Domestic Violence, Investigation, Victim Advocacy Tasha Menaker, Ph.D. 07/25/2018
Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Dynamics, Tactics, and the Psychology of Sex Offenders Course Course, Domestic Violence, Victim Advocacy Tasha Menaker, Ph.D. 06/06/2018
Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Sex Offender Management and Treatment Strategies Course Course, Domestic Violence Tasha Menaker, Ph.D. 08/29/2018
Understanding Sexual Violence and Appropriate Responses to Survivors Course Course, Social Services, Victim Advocacy Victoria Riechers, MA, Lindsay Ashworth 11/29/2018
Understanding the Crime Gun Investigative Cycle: An Interview with Darrell Smith Original Article Firearms, Forensics, Investigation, Original Article Christina McCale 07/05/2017
Understanding the Dynamics, Tactics, and the Psychology of Sex Offenders: An Interview with Dr. Tasha Menaker Original Article Domestic Violence, Original Article, Trauma, Victim Advocacy Christina McCale 05/15/2018
Understanding the Importance of Use of Force: An Interview with PERF's Tom Wilson Original Article Law Enforcement, Officer Safety, Original Article, Training Christina McCale 08/08/2017
Understanding the Jihadi Threat to America - Webinar Notes Webinar Notes Terrorism 06/14/2017
Understanding the Jihadi Threat: An interview with Chris Gaubatz Original Article Original Article, Terrorism Christina McCale 05/15/2017
Understanding the Prison Litigation Reform Act: Impacts & Responses Course Corrections, Course, National Center For Jail Operations, National Sheriffs Association, NSA Certified Carrie Hill 10/23/2018