Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Sleep After Trauma: How traumatic events impact sleep and well-being Original Article Original Article, Trauma, Wellness 05/06/2019
Sleep and PTSD: Common Sleep Problems Veterans and other PTSD Sufferers Face Original Article Original Article, Trauma, Wellness 05/06/2019
Slide Deck: What Dog Fighters Don’t Want You to Know 08/27/2019
Snorri Ogata Subject Matter Expert 12/19/2016
Social Media Bootcamp: Building A Resilient Reputation Course Community Policing, Course, Information Technology Kate Kimble 05/29/2018
Social Media on a Shoestring Budget Course Course, Law Enforcement, Organizational Management Corey Yunke 04/04/2019
Social Network Analysis: An Innovative Tool to Maximize NIBIN Leads Course Course, Firearms, Investigation Dan Carew, Karissa Taylor, Andrew Fox 06/06/2018
Solving Gun Crime, Part I: Respond and Collect Course Course, Firearms Pete Gagliardi, Jeffrey Russell 03/13/2015
Solving Gun Crime: A Team Effort Can Be the Difference Original Article Firearms, Forensics, Investigation, Original Article Christina McCale 03/14/2017
Solving Gun Crimes Infographic Original Article Firearms, Forensics, Investigation 03/29/2017