Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Using NamUs to Resolve Missing and Unidentified Indigenous Person Cases Course Course, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Missing Person, NSA Targeted B.J. Spamer 03/19/2019
Using Technology to Combat Gun Crime: An Interview with ShotSpotter's John Risenhoover Original Article Firearms, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Original Article Christina McCale 08/08/2017
Using the New Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement: A New Tool to Help in Elder Abuse Cases Course Course, Elder Abuse, Investigation, Prosecutor Kim D'Amico, Julie Schoen 04/04/2019
Using Veterinary Forensics to Support Investigation and Prosecution Efforts: An Interview with Dr. Melinda Merck Original Article Forensics, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Original Article, Prosecutor Christina McCale 01/18/2018
Using Your Words: Communicating Your Authority Course Course, Law Enforcement, Leadership, NSA Targeted, Women In Law Enforcement Karin Montejo 10/16/2019
Verbal De-Escalation Course Community Policing, Course, Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Probation, Wellness Denise Beagley 05/31/2018
Vicki Assegued Subject Matter Expert 10/04/2018
Victoria Riechers, MA Subject Matter Expert 04/13/2018
VIDEO: Emotional Support for Mass Casualty Survivors: An Interview with Duane Bowers Original Article Original Article, Trauma, Victim Advocacy, Wellness Duane T. Bowers, LPC, Christina McCale 03/19/2018
VIDEO: Parents Behind the Police Line Original Article Mass Casualty-Crisis Management, Original Article Mark Warren 03/15/2018