Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
White Nationalists- What Justice Professionals Need to Know: An Interview with the SPLC's Laurie Wood Original Article Original Article, Terrorism, White Nationalism & Hate Crime Christina McCale 12/01/2017
White Nationalists: What Justice Professionals Need to Know Course Course, White Nationalism & Hate Crime Laurie L. Wood 02/23/2018
Who Ya Gonna Call…At DHS? Understanding the differences among DHS Components and What They Can Do Course Course, Federal Bray Barnes 09/30/2018
Who’s Up Next: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth Course Course, Organizational Management Thomas Dworak 08/02/2018
Why Does the US Lead the World in Incarcerations? Curated Article Prison 05/07/2017
Why Prosecutors Are the ‘Heart’ of Our Prison Population Boom Curated Article Prosecutor, Reform 06/03/2017
Will Davis Subject Matter Expert 02/26/2018
Will Morris Subject Matter Expert 09/28/2017
William Babb Subject Matter Expert 08/13/2019
William King Subject Matter Expert 03/15/2017