Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Using Your Words: Communicating Your Authority Course Course, Law Enforcement, Leadership, NSA Targeted, Women In Law Enforcement Karin Montejo 10/16/2019
Verbal De-Escalation Course Community Policing, Course, Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Probation, Wellness Denise Beagley 05/31/2018
Vicki Assegued Subject Matter Expert 10/04/2018
Victoria Riechers, MA Subject Matter Expert 04/13/2018
VIDEO: Emotional Support for Mass Casualty Survivors: An Interview with Duane Bowers Original Article Original Article, Trauma, Victim Advocacy, Wellness Duane T. Bowers, LPC, Christina McCale 03/19/2018
VIDEO: Parents Behind the Police Line Original Article Mass Casualty-Crisis Management, Original Article Mark Warren 03/15/2018
Vulnerable Adult Abuse Course Course, Elder Abuse, Investigation, Prosecutor Jim Seeger, Hilary Weinberg 02/22/2017
Vulnerable Adult Abuse - Webinar Notes Webinar Notes Domestic Violence, Prosecutor, Social Services Christina McCale 03/13/2017
Wandering and Elopement in Children with Autism and NCMEC Resources Course Autism, Course, Missing Person Leemie Kahng-Sofer 01/08/2020
War in the Womb: Pregnant Partner Violence and Associated Risks for Mother and Fetus Course Course, Domestic Violence, National Sheriffs Association, NSA Certified Andrew Campbell 07/23/2019