Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Solving Gun Crimes Webinar Notes Webinar Notes Firearms, Forensics, Investigation Christina McCale 03/01/2017
Solving Gun Crimes, Extract & Analyze Course Course, Firearms Pete Gagliardi 05/11/2016
Solving Gun Crimes, Identify, Apprehend and Convict (Part Three) Course Course, Firearms Pete Gagliardi 06/14/2016
Solving Problems with Coyotes Course Animal Abuse, Course Lynsey White 02/11/2020
Sonia Quiñones Subject Matter Expert 01/27/2020
Stacey A. Wright Subject Matter Expert 02/09/2017
Stacy Jeleniewski Subject Matter Expert 03/10/2018
Stacy Ledvina Subject Matter Expert 12/17/2018
Stacy Stern Subject Matter Expert 02/13/2017
Staffing 911 Centers in the Era of NG911 Course Course, EMS, IALEP - Planning, Law Enforcement, Leadership, NSA Targeted, Organizational Management Peter Bellmio 10/03/2019