Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Staffing Analysis for Criminal Investigations Course Course, Forensics, IALEP - Planning, Investigation, Law Enforcement, NSA Targeted, Organizational Management Peter Bellmio 06/13/2019
Stand Up, Stand Out: How Social Media Enhances Your Staying Power Course Course, IALEP - Planning, Organizational Management Katie Nelson 05/19/2020
Standards of Care: Mental Health in Our Jails and Prisons…Now What? Course Corrections, Course, Mental Health, National Sheriffs Association Jim Martin 04/27/2020
State and Local CyberThreat Landscape Course Course, CyberThreats Stacey A. Wright 10/18/2017
Statistics about Domestic Violence from Hilary Weinberg Original Article Domestic Violence, Law Enforcement, Original Article, Prosecutor, Trauma, Victim Advocacy 04/24/2020
Statistics about Supervisor's Credibility from Dr. Karin Montejo Original Article Law Enforcement, Leadership, Organizational Management, Original Article, Women In Law Enforcement 04/24/2020
Statistics on Youth Homelessness from Naomi Smoot Original Article Domestic Violence, Juvenile Justice, Original Article, Specialty Courts, Trauma, Victim Advocacy 04/24/2020
Staying Strong in a Challenging Environment Course Course Amy Morgan 08/15/2017
Staying Strong in a Challenging Environment: An Interview with Amy Morgan Original Article Leadership, Mass Casualty-Crisis Management, Mental Health, Original Article Christina McCale 05/08/2017
Stephen Amos Subject Matter Expert 11/06/2018