Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Understanding and Implementing Inmate Discipline Course Corrections, Course, National Center For Jail Operations, National Sheriffs Association, NSA Certified Carrie Hill 03/20/2019
Understanding and Investigating Jihadi Networks in the US: an Interview with Chris Gaubatz Original Article Original Article Christina McCale 09/28/2017
Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks in the U.S. Course Course, Terrorism Chris Gaubatz 10/17/2017
Understanding and Investigating White Nationalists: An Interview with Brent Smith Original Article Investigation, Law Enforcement, Original Article, Terrorism Christina McCale 09/20/2017
Understanding and Using Forensic Art: An Interview with Forensic Artist Catyana Falsetti Original Article Forensics, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Missing Person, Original Article Christina McCale 09/25/2017
Understanding Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment Course Course, Strategic Planning Jeff Fox 08/10/2016
Understanding CyberThreats to Your Organization: An Update from Stacey Wright Original Article CyberThreats, Information Technology, Original Article Christina McCale 08/29/2017
Understanding DNA Evidence in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions: An Interview with Chris Lindberg Original Article Forensics, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Original Article, Prosecutor Christina McCale 02/27/2018
Understanding Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Infographic Original Article Federal, Human Trafficking 04/25/2017
Understanding E5 Leadership: An Interview with Ray Nash Original Article Law Enforcement, Leadership, Original Article Christina McCale 05/07/2018