Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Rating Creation Date
Understanding E5 Leadership: An Interview with Ray Nash Original Article Law Enforcement, Leadership, Original Article Christina McCale 05/07/2018
Understanding Elder Abuse: An Interview with Julie Schoen Original Article Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Original Article Christina McCale 05/17/2017
Understanding General Medical Records for Your Investigation or Prosecution: An Interview with Dyanne Greer Original Article Investigation, Original Article, Prosecutor Christina McCale 04/19/2018
Understanding Latent Prints: An Interview with Andrew Reitnauer Original Article Forensics, Original Article Christina McCale 04/23/2018
Understanding Leadership through Self Fulfilling Prophecy: an Interview with Amy Morgan Original Article Leadership, Organizational Management, Original Article Christina McCale 09/21/2017
Understanding Medical Records for Your Child Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Efforts Course Course, Prosecutor, Social Services, Vulnerable Adult Roger Blevins, Dyanne Greer 08/14/2018
Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration Typologies, Risk and Recidivism: An Interview with Tasha Menaker Original Article Domestic Violence, Original Article 07/05/2018
Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: An Overview of Typologies, Risk, and Recidivism Course Course, Domestic Violence, Investigation, Victim Advocacy Tasha Menaker, Ph.D. 07/25/2018
Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Dynamics, Tactics, and the Psychology of Sex Offenders Course Course, Domestic Violence, Victim Advocacy Tasha Menaker, Ph.D. 06/06/2018
Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Sex Offender Management and Treatment Strategies Course Course, Domestic Violence Tasha Menaker, Ph.D. 08/29/2018
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