René LeBeau

René LeBeau has nearly 17 years of election administration experience at the state, county, and local government level. Her primary focuses have been on compliance, implementation, and innovating the elections’ process. In her 12 years with King County Elections, the largest “Vote-By-Mail” jurisdiction in the nation, René utilized systems such as LEAN to significantly improve the time and cost of processing ballots, while maintaining zero-discrepancy elections for 8-years.

Joining the City of Seattle in February of 2016, René is currently implementing the first-ever public campaign finance program known as the Democracy Voucher program with the City of Seattle’s Ethics and Elections Commission. As the Program Manager for this program, she is responsible for developing an IT system to accurately track over 2 million Democracy Vouchers, educating the Seattle public about campaign finance, and increasing transparency and resident participation their government.

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