Robin Timme

Dr. Robin Timme is a senior expert for Falcon, Inc. Dr. Timme is recognized as a leader in correctional behavioral health across the country, frequently speaking and teaching at national conferences, and supporting innovative programming. Dr. Timme has practiced in the fields of correctional and forensic psychology for ten years, shaping policy, supervising behavioral health clinicians, and handling evaluations of high-risk and high-needs inmate-patients. Dr. Timme is increasingly focused on the impact of toxic stress and psychological trauma on the somatic and behavioral health of inmates and staff inside correctional facilities. Dr. Timme trains correctional staff to be trauma-informed, developing policies and procedures, and focusing on the wellness of those who work and live in correctional facilities.

Dr. Timme has strong expertise in the areas of psychological evaluation, specialized programming for serious mental illness, management of psychopathy and malingering, policy development and implementation, and trauma-informed environments of care. In addition to development and implementation of programs for justice-involved individuals, Dr. Timme also specializes in professional development for clinical and custody staff alike, recognizing the challenges facing officers and clinicians on the front lines of this important work.

In addition to a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Timme is board-certified in forensic psychology. He holds masters degrees in criminal justice, clinical psychology, and education. Dr. Timme is the chair of the Ethics Committee of the Delaware Psychological Association, and sits on the Education Committee’s Mental Health Subcommittee for the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC). He is an Assistant Professor on the faculty of the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology at Widener University, where his research focuses on the somatic and psychological impact of toxic stress on correctional healthcare staff.

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