Solving Problems with Coyotes

Solving Problems with Coyotes
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2020-02-11
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Solving Problems with Coyotes
Unit 2 Recording: Solving Problems with Coyotes

Getting calls about coyote sightings and conflicts in your community? If not, you probably will be soon! Now firmly established in every state (except Hawaii), coyotes are well adapted to urban and suburban areas and are all around us! While their presence is often alarming to the public, conflicts with coyotes can be easily avoided and resolved. This webinar will discuss how the public can reduce coyote attractants in their yards and neighborhood, information about the best way to protect pets, and tools for successfully changing the behavior of problem coyotes.


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Audience Comments

  • “I loved the fact that she cleared up a lot of information and myths regarding Coyotes that I have heard from people. I was unable to make this webinar on time and would love another as well as more information and education on Coyotes.” — Awbrei
  • “It was valuable to learn about how successful hazing has been. I loved the examples which I can use for my educational programs. Our organization is a part of the Wild Neighbors program and we are proud to teach about coexisting with all wildlife. Thank you for providing this webinar”! — Carly
  • “Very informative. I did not know the hazing would be so successful and that the coyote would have to see you and continue until the coyote was off the property.” — Donald
  • “Wow – I thought I was savvy on coyote conflict but I learned so much! Speaker was outstanding and knew her topic well. Thank you.” — Janette
  • “It was varied and well-presented. I run into issues with wildlife questions all the time, and the more information gets out there, the least harm comes to these beautiful animals. Giving tools to law enforcement and people at large to help educate community members is the best way to provide accurate information. Thank you so much!” — Nathalie


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