Staffing Analysis for Criminal Investigations

Staffing Analysis for Criminal Investigations
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-06-13
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Staffing Analysis for Criminal Investigations
Unit 2 Recording: Staffing Analysis for Criminal Investigations

The criminal investigations process as one that begins with call takers and ends when cases are prosecuted. During this webinar we will discuss:

· Effective quality control for preliminary investigations and use of preliminary investigation information for case screening;

· Elements of agency-wide case management and workload measurement process;

· The development of goals and performance measures for specialized investigative units;

· Development of plans for gang, drug and vice-related units.


Resources Mentioned During Webinar:


Audience Comments:

  • “Great reminder that before deciding on staffing and workload needed, that you need to identify your goals because they will affect your staffing requirements.” –Karen
  • “I do patrol allocations, so investigations allocation is a skill that would benefit both myself and my agency. I’m looking to build the skill, and this webinar helped.” –Michelle
  • “It was really good and took away good talking points for agencies who are battling for more help.” – Janette
  • “Most valuable thing: making changes and improvements to the deployment of an agency’s forces–the presenter listed specific areas to examine and address as well as methods for data collection and analysis.” — Alana
  • “Really, where to start. It is really difficult to find good examples on how to measure investigative workload and this webinar brought provided an entirely different approach that I think will resonate with my agency’s command staff.” –Lisa
  • “Seems like he knew a lot about the data and the truth he speaks is evident. ” –Jon



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