Stepping Up 101: A Primer for Sheriffs

Stepping Up 101: A Primer for Sheriffs
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-02-11
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In the more than 500 counties that have joined the national Stepping Up initiative, sheriffs play an integral role in collaborating with county leadership and other community partners to implement policies, practices, and programs that support their efforts to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in jails while ensuring community safety. Stepping Up and the National Sheriffs’ Association are co-hosting a webinar to outline the benefits to sheriffs of engaging in the initiative and to share concrete ideas on how sheriffs can help lead this work in their counties. Participants will hear from national experts and fellow sheriffs from communities of varying sizes about their work and the impact it has had in their communities and departments.


Resources Mentioned During the Webinar:


Audience Comments

  • “I really enjoyed the refresher points that Ms. Haneberg gave about the Stepping Up Initiative. Repetition makes learning much easier. The presenters took their time in speaking slowly enough for the audience to understand and process what they’re saying — whether hearing it for the first time or not. I’m relieved that others share similar challenges in regard to helping this unique population within our jail. I feel inspired once again that our county will take our SU Initiative to a whole new level.” — Venus
  • “Proactive with real-world examples of what works. Great presentation by all.” — Vivienne
  • “An important subject. Very timely. We are just starting.” — Robert
  • “The most valuable thing I heard is the SUCCESS some of the counties are making thru commitment, data, agency collaboration all working together!!” — Rory
  • “Stepping Up is working!” — Roger


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