The Art of Crisis Leadership

The Art of Crisis Leadership
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-09-18
Unit 1 Recording: The Art of Crisis Leadership

Crises cost time, money, customers and careers (usually in that order); and, in the worst of scenarios, lives. Whether a data breach, social media attack, bad press, litigation, investigation, civil unrest or scandal, great leaders understand how to be predictive and create organizational muscle memory.

Join Fallston Group Chief Executive Rob Weinhold as he discusses the key concepts and case studies contained in his book, The Art of Crisis Leadership. Upon release, it became an Amazon #1 ranked book in PR and Crisis Management, and a top 100 in Leadership.

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • The definition, anatomy and early warning signs of crisis.
  • The importance of organizational muscle memory during crisis.
  • What to communicate to maintain stakeholder trust and confidence.
  • Immediate next steps to protect your people, secure your assets and strengthen your brand.
  • The core tenets of resilient leadership.


Resources Mentioned During Webinar:


Audience Comments:

  • “Best presentation ever!!!! Yes, Please have Rob here again before I retire!!! What insight into life, living, treating other people. Resilient moment communication model is great 5 answers to questions. It was all great information, relevant, and useful in any walk of life….” — Pamela
  • “It was great having real-life experience to see how to put things in perspective.” — Amber
  • “He was impressive.” — Brian
  • “Great Presentation, would like more on this subject. Most of us are in a very challenging profession and can be targets. We need as much information as possible.” — Carrie
  • “I really liked that he used some of his time to provide real-life examples that coincided with his message. This helped keep it relevant.” –Elizabeth
  • “Very much appreciated the real-life examples. also, discussion of how to be a resilient leader in the face of crisis. great!!” — Georgia
  • “Excellent webinar and very valuable to my job as a probation officer.” — Karen



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