The Dynamic of Restoration: Restoring Renegade Officers

The Dynamic of Restoration: Restoring Renegade Officers
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded on: 2019-08-22
Unit 1 Slide Deck: The Dynamic of Restoration
Unit 2 Recording: The Dynamic of Restoration

Restoring renegade officers may be our greatest leadership challenge. Most officers agree that the majority of their work-related stress stems from unhealthy internal relationships.  Unresolved conflicts can result in hurt, depression, anger, and jealousy that undermine internal discipline and agency effectiveness.  This webinar will discuss integration of specific character qualities that are necessary to restore renegade officers and stabilize internal relationships.


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Audience Comments:

  • “This was FANTASTIC!!! I love this speaker! He is so down to earth and I love his examples. I would love to hear any other teachings he has. A++” — Christina
  • “Good Information, this can apply to law enforcement, code enforcement, and animal control, etc. Enjoyed the presentation.” — Carrie
  • “I think it is important that we recognize, within the Law Enforcement community, that these toxic attitudes are universal and contagious so that we can all learn.  Thank for hosting this.” — Kenneth
  • “The presenter was clearly passionate about the topic & COMPASSIONATE (instead of blaming) towards the people who have sought his help. I would hope such mentors/resources are accessible to all law enforcement who need/want to find their “happy thoughts” again. I appreciated the real-life examples he provided to flesh out the steps/principles/path to restoration. Thank you!” — L
  • “He broached a topic that isn’t usually spoken about and can be applicable to many agencies and workplaces.” — Pati
  • “All comes down to an individual’s character. It starts with self. A lot of times the work environment can be so hostile due to ineffective leadership. It’s good to be reminded that an individual can make a difference with a positive attitude and more.” — Reina
  • “The destruction ladder was great! It out everything in an easy to understand format and gave the processes, bother destruction and restoration clarity.” — Roger
  • “Sheriff Ray Nash used some very key phrases that helped me connect with him on more than just topic material; I sensed this just wasn’t a training course, but an attitude of the heart that affects his personal, professional and spiritual self.” — W



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