The Future Of Citizen Identity Issuance

The Future Of Citizen Identity Issuance
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-01-29
Unit 1 Slide Deck: The Future Of Citizen Identity Issuance
Unit 2 Recording: The Future Of Citizen Identity Issuance

The world of citizen identity is constantly evolving and the justice system is at the heart of these changes every day. Identity issuance systems are now taking a blended approach of physical and digital solutions in order to stay ahead of the increasing demand from citizens to stay current with the transformation in technology. Entrust Datacard is the leader in providing trusted identity issuance solutions for citizens, enabling you to improve service while simultaneously driving a positive social impact for citizens and communities.

Please join us for this webinar to hear from Entrust Datacard experts and learn some key next steps for your teams and communities to stay ahead of the curve. Specific topics include:

  • How to achieve a higher level of service for citizens while delivering a positive social impact on basic human needs.
  • How to stay nimble and evolve as the citizen journey continues to merge the physical and digital worlds.
  • The future of citizen identification.
  • Walk-through industry use cases on how peers in your space have started to incorporate new solutions.



Entrust Datacard collaborates with government agencies and integrators worldwide to solve complex identity card issues. We offer best-in-class identity management software, personalization, secure supplies, and support to ensure optimal efficiency while greatly reducing implementation risk.





Audience Comments:

  • “The topic is interesting, and I agree we only scratched the topic.”  –K
  • “A wealth of information presented by the speaker.” — Michael
  • “Very informative.” — Phyllis



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