Therapy K9’s: Changing the way law enforcement reaches their communities

Therapy K9’s: Changing the way law enforcement reaches their communities
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-10-31
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Policing in a ‘post-Ferguson’ world has left many law enforcement agencies asking how they can better reach their communities. In March 2017, Sheriff Dallas Baldwin of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Columbus Ohio created the first law enforcement therapy K9 program in the state of Ohio. Over the last two years, they have watched as this innovative approach to community-police relations has broken down barriers and built bridges within their community.

In this webinar, members of the Therapy K9 team will speak about how they created their program and built it into a model for other agencies to emulate. Participants can expect to leave with new insights, strategies, and approaches that will equip them with a solid foundation to start a therapy K9 program of their own.



Audience Comments:

  • “Most valuable was: all the possibilities where you can utilize the K9, and how to convince your administration, as well as inspiring the community to donate service (grooming/Vet).” — Desiree
  • “How well this program works with juveniles. Please do another webinar about therapy dogs.” — Greg
  • “Stats on the effectiveness of having a dog in certain situations as opposed to not having one in the same situations.” — Sharon
  • “Such a valuable webinar! Presenters were both interesting and very knowledgable. I would love to see more webinars on how to pick a therapy animal to train, as well as specifically on training them.” — Stacey
  • “An innovative program incorporating Therapy K9’s into the community response – GREAT IDEA.” — Tim
  • “The statistics. We are currently in the works to establish a Therapy Dog Program with our agency. We have been in contact with FCSO & their program. It was great to finally “see them” talk about the program.” — Wendy





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