Understanding the Threat

Understanding the Jihadi Threat to America
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded June 13, 2017
Unit 1 Understanding the Threat Presentation Materials
Unit 2 Understanding the Threat Recording
Unit 3 Webinar Notes: Understanding the Jihadi Threat to America

Terrorism. It’s a word that evokes a thousand memories with just one simple word. Memories of 9/11. Of recent bombings or news stories. Of political speeches and rallies. It’s a word that in one brief instance can be both divisive — “us” against the terrorists – as well as uniting: we, the survivors, the heartbroken, or protectors. But even among those who are united in our want or need to protect our country, there is all too much opportunity for misunderstanding and reaction when it comes to this all-too-important, hot button topic.

During this course you will learn about:

  • The jihadi threat, including their strategy and modus operandi.
  • The jihadi groups operating within the United States, including their doctrine, organizations, and strategy.
  • The role of state and local law enforcement in dismantling the jihadi network in the US.

Additional Resources:

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