After the Webinar: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Q&A with Jeff Fox

 Webinar presenter Dr. Jeff Fox answered a number of your questions after his presentation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision Making. Here are some of his responses.



Audience Question: Many agencies are now using technology to teach and evaluate decision-making. I'm specifically using virtual reality as a way to do this. Law enforcement has been using VR simulations for this for quite some time. What experience or thoughts do you have about using VR? 

Dr. Fox:  I really like it. Virtual reality is a wonderful tool for training and education. One thing I recommend is that it is continuous, with the scenarios changing and decision making involved.


Audience Question: How is emotional intelligence related to critical thinking? 

Dr. Fox:  I'm not sure that it isn't just a different way of saying the same thing. That's really just the short answer. I've read about emotional intelligence, I've had classes in it. I have books on it, I've even written about it in my books but I'm not sure there's a big significant difference between the two. The two topics are related – if they aren't brother and sister they're at least first cousins. 


Audience Question: Are there simple techniques that we can use to help improve our critical thinking? 

Dr. Fox: You must purposely think about what it is you're thinking. You can look at the 24 steps. Write it down, evaluate yourself after you made a decision, critique yourself. For me it involved self-study. Reading, studying and thinking about it. It is a purposeful thing that I had to do all the time. My upbringing, my conditioning, the jobs and situations I was put in all required critical thinking.


Click Here to View a Recording of Dr. Fox's presentation,  "Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision Making." 



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