After the Webinar: Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way – Q&A with Natasha Terk


Webinar presenter Natasha Terk answered a number of your questions after her presentation, Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way. Here are some of her responses.


Audience Question: How do you change the culture and develop realistic goals for the personnel when there is no accountability for performance-based review? 

Natasha Terk: Be a change agent. Look to change the culture of your own team which can create a cascading effect. Be a culture ambassador for your organization.


Audience Question: What ways have you seen managers gather information about their employees throughout the year and what routines/processes have you seen them establish that has made review time end up being easier? 

Natasha: Self-review is common, a shortcut for managers, though not to be relied on exclusively. HR-360 review systems can be used. Your own documentation system. Observation and survey. And the objective itself.


Audience QuestionWould you use the same steps and criteria for self-review? 

Natasha: Yes. Collect your own wins and challenges, keep track of whatever data that you have so you can go back and use that when performance review with your manager comes.


Audience QuestionWhat do you recommend as an ideal performance review cycle in terms of time range? 

Natasha: Most performance cycles are 12-month cycles. But can be segmented per quarter. Every organization does it differently.


Click Here to View a Recording of Natasha Terk's presentation,  Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way.




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